Lorenzo after Colombia’s victory over Paraguay

Lorenzo after Colombia’s victory over Paraguay
Lorenzo after Colombia’s victory over Paraguay

08:37 PM

The coach of the Colombian National Team, Néstor Lorenzo, was satisfied with the 2-1 victory over Paraguay in the debut of the Copa América, highlighting the importance of the result and the effort of his team. In the press conference after the game, Lorenzo highlighted the team’s mentality and work.

“The boys are focused, they have impressive humility, they know that we go game by game and that we have to work for each game. “Today was a very tough game and they pulled it off,” said the coach, underlining the team’s dedication and concentration in each match.

Lorenzo also praised the performance of Daniel Muñoz, one of the scorers of the match. “He is a player who can make that route and has the power to reach the area, as well as to score,” he commented, recognizing the offensive capacity of the winger, who has proven to be a key piece in the team’s scheme.

The coach highlighted the difficulty that Paraguay posed during the match, expressing his respect for the quality of the rival. “It was a very tough, hard-fought match, it does not surprise us because we knew the quality of Paraguay’s players,” said Lorenzo, evidencing the preparation and prior knowledge they had about the opponent.

In addition, Lorenzo addressed the issue of favoritism with which Colombia came to the competition, insisting that the team should not be carried away by external expectations. “We try to ensure that favoritism does not become a backpack or a burden. What we tell the boys is that we are doing things well and we must continue on the same path, but we don’t believe anything,” he concluded, emphasizing the importance of maintaining humility and focus in each game.

With this victory, Colombia begins its path in the Copa América on the right foot, consolidating its position as one of the teams to watch in the tournament. The combination of hard work, humility and talent promises to be the formula for the National Team to continue successfully advancing in search of the title.

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