Twelve taverns in Córdoba receive the distinction of “Historic Tavern” – Córdoba

Twelve taverns in Córdoba receive the distinction of “Historic Tavern” – Córdoba
Twelve taverns in Córdoba receive the distinction of “Historic Tavern” – Córdoba

From now on, twelve taverns in Córdoba will have the distinction of “Historical Tavern” in their establishment. In an effort to preserve and recognize the rich tavern tradition of Córdoba, the City Council has granted this distinction to these emblematic establishments of the city.

Blanca Torrent, president of the Municipal Institute of Economic Development and Employment (Imdeec), announced today this initiative that seeks to value and protect these corners steeped in history. The “Historic Tavern” distinction has been awarded after a year of hard work, in which a special commission has carefully evaluated the documentation provided by the applicant establishments.

This documentation includes deeds, newspaper clippings and internal documents that demonstrate an uninterrupted tavern tradition of at least 75 years. In this context, two of the award-winning taverns, El Pisto and Salinas, are close to celebrating their centenary. The Municipal Archive of Córdoba has played a crucial role in compiling the documentation necessary for this initiative. Torrent highlighted the importance of this joint effort to preserve the historical memory of the city.

The taverns

The taverns recognized with this distinction are Campos Wineries, Regina Tavern, El Pisto Tavern, Seneca Plateros Society, El Abuelo Plateros Society, María Auxiliadora Plateros Society, San Francisco Plateros Society, Casa Pepe de la Judería, Casa Rubio, Santa Marina Tavern, Fuenseca Tavern and Salina Taverns.


To receive the distinction, in addition to having an uninterrupted history of at least 75 years, the establishments had to meet at least one of the following requirements: be relevant to the traditional culture and history of Córdoba in material, artistic, economic and social aspects; or contain elements with protected or notable historical or heritage value.

Those establishments that maintain furniture elements that are part of the traditional image of the tavern and constitute its hallmarks were also considered. The president of Imdeec, Blanca Torrent, reported that, with the aim of promoting and giving visibility to these historic taverns, the City Council will organize a special route that will include the creation of a QR code to facilitate the visit to these establishments. Additionally, a new program will be launched intended to incorporate other taverns that are very close to meeting the requirements to receive the “Historic Tavern” seal.

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From Imdeec, they are convinced that this distinctive will not only strengthen the cultural identity of Córdoba, but will also add to the tourist attractions of the city. Torrent emphasized that the preservation of these establishments It is essential to keep the tavern tradition alive and to enrich the tourist offer of Córdoba.

The initiative to award the “Historic Tavern” distinction has been very well received by the owners of the award-winning establishments. Many of them have expressed their pride in foBe part of this tradition and your commitment with keeping alive the history and tavern culture of Córdoba.

This recognition not only honors the past, but also ensures a promising future for these taverns, which will continue to be meeting points and preservation points for Córdoba culture. The route that will be organized through the historic taverns promises to be an enriching experience for both residents and visitors to the city.

Through this route, you will be able to learn first-hand about the history and anecdotes that have marked the trajectory of each of these taverns, thus contributing to a greater appreciation and appreciation of the tavern tradition of Córdoba. In summary, the granting of the “Historical Tavern” distinction to these twelve establishments not only recognizes their valuable contribution to the culture and history of Córdoba, but also positions them as tourist and cultural references of the city.

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