LGBTIQ+ Pride March takes to the streets of Santa Marta

LGBTIQ+ Pride March takes to the streets of Santa Marta
LGBTIQ+ Pride March takes to the streets of Santa Marta

The world commemorates International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day, this coming June 28, 2024, with the purpose of reaffirming the feeling of pride about sexual orientations and gender identities.

For this reason, in Santa Marta, as in other cities in Colombia, different commemorative activities are carried out, so that pride about sexual orientations
and traditionally marginalized and repressed gender identities, can make their presence in society and their claims visible.

From the LGBTIQ+ Liaison Office of the District Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta, they have been preparing for “The Great “Pride March” next Friday, June 28 of this year, with a route that will start from the Coliseum Mayor and will culminate in the Bolivar Park.

This was stated by Itatis Cerchar, leader, activist and head of the LGBTIQ + Liaison Office, in an interview with RADIOHOY.COM.

“This year the District Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta, headed by Mayor Carlos Alberto Pinedo Cuello, and with the support of the Secretariat of Social Promotion, Inclusion and Equity, led by David Farelo Daza, have decided to support the Diverse Pride Festival project ( FODISA) ‘Heading to 500 years’ coordinated by Corporación Diversa del Magdalena. At the moment we are facing the realization of the 2 great final events, June 28 being the day on which the Great LGBTIQ+ Pride March will take place, which will concentrate on the Pibe Statue and will end in Bolívar Park, with a stage that will be full of music, art and shows brought by members of the LGBTIQ+ population themselves,” explained Cerchar.

In addition to this, for the closing of the festival, an awards gala night called (FADIVI) Lighthouses of Diverse Life has been organized. Which will be delivered to honor different political leaders and personalities of our society, who have shown their commitment to defending the rights of the diverse community, widely violated throughout history.

The main room of the Santa Marta Theater will be the setting for this red carpet event, with free entry from 6:00 pm, for the general public.

If you want to join the pride parade, this will be your tour.

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