The ending of Back to the Future is terribly heartbreaking and you never realized it

The ending of Back to the Future is terribly heartbreaking and you never realized it
The ending of Back to the Future is terribly heartbreaking and you never realized it

Few people noticed the true ending of Back to the Future and the tragic meaning it had in plain sight.

Happy ending? You just have to see the ending from another perspective

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Back to the Future is still considered one of the best time travel films, a true success from any angle. The film directed by Robert Zemeckis is an adventure from start to finish, with action, a thrilling soundtrack and incredible cars. Some even believe that the famous animated saga Rick & Morty is inspired by Return to the future.

For much of the film, between laughs and laughs, we are eager to see how the protagonists will resolve the mess they have gotten themselves into. And for the last act, What seems like a very happy ending is actually a tragedy..

What is Back to the Future about?

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One of the best science fiction films of all time

A teenager, Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, is a nice but cool guy who is friends with Doc Brown, a scientist whom everyone thinks is crazy.

One day, by mistake, Doc creates a time machine to travel to the future, but by mistake he sends Marty to the year 1955, the time in which his parents have not yet met. Now that Marty doesn’t know how to go back to the ’80s, he must ensure that his parents meet and fall in love in order to guarantee his own existence in the future.

This is a good boy who just wants to live and get his family back.. In the end, he gets just that and with a better family than the one he left behind. That for many would be a happy ending, but in reality it is a tragedy, and even, now in the future, Marty McFly finds himself more alone than ever.

Marty Marty McFly’s family is completely different at the beginning and at the end

The first time we meet Marty’s family, We immediately notice that this is a group of sad people.. His father, George is bullied by his supervisor Biff, who ends up doing whatever the latter says without ever defending himself. His wife, Lorraine, looks tired and boredupon seeing her it is evident that she is a very unhappy woman.

On the other hand, Marty’s brother, Dave, he’s even more boring, he dedicates his life only to working at Burger King. And his sister, Linda, she’s a real grump who only cares about boys.. And while we don’t get to know his brothers too much, this brief description is more than enough to know that they are nothing like Marty.

When Marty McFly finds himself stranded in 1955, he meets his mother, who falls in love with him. After that, Marty spends most of the movie trying to get his father to have the courage to step forward and win over Lorraine.

When Marty McFly returns to the future, he doesn’t recognize his family and is now more alone than ever.

Marty McFly

Few people noticed the terrible life Marty would face

Skipping much of the feature film, Marty McFly finally manages to travel to 1985 for the end of Return to the future, finally reuniting with his family, but now they are completely different people. His father is a famous novelist and he, along with his mother, smile, hug, are happy and in love.

George is now the one giving the orderswhile Biff is the one who abides by them. Dave and Linda dress very differently, and even Dave has a much better paying office job. His parents have created safer children.

It’s a sweet ending, but when we stop to think about it, it really is a tragedy. Marty is confused by his change, and this confusion does not dissipate until the end credits. These people have lived a different life than Marty’s family had, and while they are better people now, it also means that everything Marty remembers never really happened.

Marty is a different person to George and Lorraine, and although his parents are better people now, Marty McFly is much more lonely now, well, Live a life you were never a part of; He has lost his old family, and now he will have to live tormented by nostalgia.

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