historic ignores mayor who promised stadium

historic ignores mayor who promised stadium
historic ignores mayor who promised stadium

University of Chile once again it reopens the wound of its own stadium. This time, a candidate for mayor for Santiago promised to go for the construction of a compound for the blues at Parque O’Higgins, which was harshly criticized by a club official. He doesn’t trust his political promises.

That was the release of Martin Galvez in conversation with BOLAVIP CHILE. The leader of the U launched himself against Patricio Gómez, who is fighting to sit in the seat of the Municipality of Santiago. According to him, he is independent and a loyal blue fan.

“Let’s see, first of all… Patricio Gómez is Juanito Pérez. I don’t know who he is and who he has beaten, what significance he has and what his arrival is. He may be a fan of the U, but he must be looking for blue votes for his benefit,” Tincho began by indicating.

After that, he eliminated Gómez Benavidez. He doesn’t trust him: How is he going to achieve something that no one has achieved in 97 years? “I haven’t even seen him in a dog fight. For him to achieve what more relevant people did not achieve, I think it is wasted time, regardless of the party,” he added.

Tincho Gálvez stoned the candidate who excited the fans of the University of Chile.

He added capacity to the stadium for the U

After that, Tincho Gálvez referred to what a stadium for the University of Chile should be like. He has no doubt that he must be the greatest in the country, recalling dream times in local football. You are amazed by the possibility of receiving more than 55 thousand people per meeting.

“U soccer needs a stadium for 50,000 people, which can even be used for the national team. I think you miss that stadium with 80 thousand people, full stairs. Some will think it is crazy to have such a large stadium, but at home it will have 55 or 60 thousand people. No problems,” he closed.

When does Universidad de Chile play?

The U’s next match will be against Municipal Puente Alto for the Chile Cup. It will be played on Monday, June 17, from 7:00 p.m., at the National Stadium.

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