China intensifies its harassment against Taiwan in the last 24 hours – El Diario

China intensifies its harassment against Taiwan in the last 24 hours – El Diario
China intensifies its harassment against Taiwan in the last 24 hours – El Diario

Fighters and ships surround the island

Taiwan authorities reported that they detected the presence of twelve fighter jets and eight ships of the Armed Forces of the Chinese regime in the vicinity of the island in the context of increased tension between the parties.
The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense indicated that the presence of eight ships and twelve aircraft was recorded around its territory, highlighting that seven of them crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait and entered, from the southwest, the air defense identification zone. of the island.
Likewise, as added by the authorities through the X social network, the country’s Armed Forces monitored the events and responded accordingly.
More than three days ago, a Chinese Army drone flew over the southern and eastern regions of the island, passing just 39 nautical miles (72 kilometers) from Hualien county, on the territory’s eastern coast.
The unmanned aircraft began its journey last Thursday at 2:27 a.m. local time and ended at 11:05 a.m. the same day, the military ministry said in its daily report, in which no further details were offered. the device that surrounded the island.
During recent months, Chinese warplanes have intensified their harassment around Taiwan, forcing the island government to update its definition of first strike to adapt it to this new reality.
Last week, Taiwanese Defense Minister Wellington Koo said that if Chinese forces enter Taiwan’s airspace or territorial waters, which extend 12 nautical miles (22 kilometers) from its coasts, or undertake a first attack against the island, the Army can exercise the right to self-defense and launch counterattacks in response.
The situation around Taiwan worsened last year, after the visit of the now former speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, which was followed by a visit to Washington by a Taiwanese delegation.
From Beijing, the Chinese authorities reiterated on numerous occasions that Taiwan’s independence will not be tolerated and that they will not rule out the use of force to prevent secession.
Ties between China and the island of Taiwan, which it considers another province under its sovereignty, were severed in 1949, after the forces of the nationalist Kuomintang party suffered defeat in the civil war against the Communist Party and moved to the archipelago. Relations were reestablished only at a business and informal level in the late 1980s.
Last Tuesday, Taiwan authorities arrested a former member of the Chinese Navy who arrived in Taipei aboard a boat with the possible intention of testing the island’s defensive capabilities, according to official Taiwanese sources.
The Taiwan Coast Guard (CGA) detected the incursion of a “suspicious boat” six nautical miles (eleven kilometers) off the coast of Tamsui, north of the capital, according to a statement released by the agency.
The boat later entered the Tamsui River, which flows through the west of the city, and collided with several boats at the district’s ferry terminal; CGA agents confiscated the boat – registered in China – and “immediately” detained the man, who is under judicial investigation. (Infobae/Europa Press/Efe/Afp)

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