He hopes Thiaselo fans receive him well

He hopes Thiaselo fans receive him well
He hopes Thiaselo fans receive him well

Although it has been known for some time, this week the debut of Rodrigo Walker in “Like life itself”. The actor gives life to Gabriel’s eldest son (Ricardo Fernández) and, with his first interaction with Joselo (Max Salgado) he hopes that the Thiaselo fans react well.

This Wednesday, avid followers of the fiction – which is now broadcast in prime time – were able to witness the arrival of Juan Francisco Möller. The young man arrived on an electric scooter to his father’s new house, accidentally knocking Joselo over and breaking his cell phone.

This gave way to an intense exchange of words between the two, which ended up being about “imbeciles”, with a lot of resentment. However, within hours they noticed that they are neighbors, since Gabriel and JuanFra went to officially introduce themselves to Sole’s (Sigrid Alegría) house.

In this context, Rodrigo Walker spoke exclusively with Fotech.cl about what was his debut in this popular fiction. Fans of the soap opera, meanwhile, are already speculating that his character could be a new love interest for Joselo, now that Thiago is in Spain.

Rodrigo Walker in “Like Life Itself”

What was it like coming to a cast that has been working together for so long?
Arriving at a project with so much shooting time is a challenge in itself, because it means joining an already established, almost familiar dynamic. In this case I have to be the external agent that joins in this final stretch. The challenge is to be attentive, to permeate what is already experienced on the set to integrate quickly and get on the bandwagon with the proposals that one brings. What always helps is meeting some of the colleagues with whom I have shared in other projects, both the technical team and the cast, and they always very kindly help me feel comfortable and at home.

⁠Tell us about your character, JuanFra…
JuanFra is extroverted, frontal, very honest, he wants to have fun and have a good time without worries. But that’s exactly what worries his father, because he disconnects them. He has great pain that he does not want to show, because he does not want to live it either, he is uncomfortable exploring that sensation and He is distracted among friends, reels and fleeting loves: all to try not to think about his mother.

⁠What is your relationship like with your father (Ricardo Fernández) and your sister (Catalina Benítez) in the television series?
The relationship is very close, with a lot of love, because they are a team. They support and help each other when they need each other, but I think each one has a big wound that they have not shared with each other. The same wound they have in common separates them.

Max Salgado told us that they were great friends and had known each other since theater school. What is it like working with him?
Working with friends is always a pleasure. Feeling the support and complicity of someone you really know is very pleasant, especially if it’s from so long ago. We have known each other with Maxi since theater school and we have always been close, friends, and coming to this project to act with him was a great relief (laughs), because you don’t have to invest energy in meeting someone new, but rather in deepening something that It already exists that is perhaps a little less demanding.

Has he given you advice for your character?
Maxi is such a good actor, he always does it so well and in this case especially he has been inhabiting the character for so long that he is another voice to guide me on this path of creation and interpretation with Juanfra. I have listened to him a lot when we have had to record and he always has something very interesting to contribute.

⁠What will JuanFra’s relationship with Joselo be like? How do you think Thiago’s (Francisco Dañobeitia) fans will take it?
It will be a somewhat frictional relationship. Because both characters are at different stops (or so they think). I think they look quite similar and that makes their first meetings so confrontational, but time will do its thing and they will be able to show themselves without so many masks. I hope fans of Thiago and the couple take it well poh! It’s just what there is! (sic) (laughs) It is part of the story and the job to accept the twists of the script. You have to trust that the comings and goings, discussions and new characters will feed the story and enhance the character so that they renew their vision of the world.

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