Legión, the malambo group that shone on America’s Got Talent: “It is a pride to represent Argentine culture”

Legión, the malambo group that shone on America’s Got Talent: “It is a pride to represent Argentine culture”
Legión, the malambo group that shone on America’s Got Talent: “It is a pride to represent Argentine culture”

A group of Argentine dancers achieved the golden button on American’s Got Talent (Video: AGT, NBC)

In a new edition of American’s Got Talent, a group of Argentine dancers dazzled the jury by starring in one of the most impressive performances of the contest. With cockades, black hats and their boots on fire, LegionThe company of malambo of fireachieved the desired Golden buttongetting a direct pass to the semifinals, and demonstrating that Argentine culture stands out worldwide.

With this panorama, each member of the group took their place on the stage. But just before starting, an assistant approached and, with a kind of blowtorch, lit his boots. Engulfed in flames, the ten dancers unleashed all their talent using bass drums, boleadoras and mini fire swords. At the end of the presentation, the sounds of applause invaded the place. Hundreds of people stood up to highlight the group’s performance.

An Argentine malambo group dazzled on American’s Got Talent

we needed that. It was epic“said Cowell, one of the most demanding figures on the jury. Simon described the show as a spectacle worthy of Las Vegas and welcomed the possibility of highlighting talent from around the world this year. After all the members of the jury gave their opinion, it was Sofía Vergara’s turn.

Far from the ecstasy of others, the actress spoke in a serious tone: “The judges are fascinated because for them this is something different. I am from South America and I saw this dance many times… this was spectacular. It was incredible, I never saw anything like that. And that’s why I’m going to do this.” That’s when the model raised her hand and pressed the golden buttonwhich gives the group a pass to the semifinals.

Legion, the fire malambo company, achieved the golden button

Fabián Serna, creator of the company, together with the Legion team

On the other side of their tables, the jury could not help but be amazed by the group’s performance. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara and Simon Cowell were amazed by the performance of the Argentines. On stage, with his team, Fabian Serna He showed all his talent and dedication.

Some time later, with the emotion already under control, Serna himself chatted with Teleshow and revealed the details behind the group’s historic performance. The creator of Legion began by telling his feelings about the achievement: “I feel privileged to be able to represent Argentina, to be able to make Argentine art. It is a pride to represent our culture. I see the messages from people who feel extremely represented and compare it to the World Cup victory. “I’m crying every day, I don’t stop.”

Legion took Argentine culture to the top

The malambo group Legion that swept America’s Got Talent with a dance with fire

The malambo group Legion surprised the jury with a dance with fire

Unlike other companies, Fabián and his team carry out many of the tasks by heart. “Everything is own investment. My mother makes the costumes, and my father makes the logistics.. Many of the boys do not make a living from dance, but have other jobs. Then it happened that, due to the workload, we had to rehearse at dawn. They left their jobs, we practiced and they came back in. In addition to the room where I teach, I also We rehearsed in the patio of my parents’ house. We lived the entire process with a lot of emotion,” highlights the group’s creator.

Beyond the difficulties, that did not prevent the group from reaching the stage of American’s Got Talent. This dream began to be built after one of the members of Legion shared one of the videos of her dancing with her shoes on fire on social networks. Immediately, in January of this year, the program’s production contacted Serna to invite the group.

Fabián Serna and the Legion team before their show on American’s got talent

Legion made it to the semifinals of the competition

“They called me in January, it was five months of work. I’m always trying to perfect everything. Total we are on for a minute and a half without turning off. The first time I did it was because I had a feeling that when I danced malambo my feet were on fire, so I said ‘why don’t we make it literal’. That meant I had to go to the hospital many times, then I perfected it with materials, until I managed to do it without hurting myself. These tests were between 2016 and 2018, then we premiered it on a television program in Italy, You are worth it (Channel 5). There we also had a golden pass,” explained Fabián.

With excitement running high, the group now prepares for the final stages. Between rehearsals and new ideas, the company thinks how it will surprise the jury. “You will always see the fire in the feet, that represents us, but other things are going to come. “We are trying to improve in all aspects,” explained the creator of the fire malambo.

Finally, beyond the dream of winning the competition, Serna revealed what he most longs for from the great performance in the American program: “I want us to grow so that everyone can make a living from dance, being able to work on art is very difficult. It is a beautiful privilege to see dancers with this hope and offering them work is a dream that will be fulfilled. Seeing kids trusting my crazy things makes me want to keep trying to change my life.”

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