the iconic moments of his career and personal life

Courteney Cox, The American actress, producer and director, known mainly for her role as Monica Geller in the television series “Friends”, turns 60 today. She was born on June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama, and at thirty years old, she starred in one of television’s most memorable situational comedies.

But Cox’s career wasn’t limited to “Friends.” The actress has had prominent roles in other series and films. At age 45, she began starring in “Cougar Town,” her own sitcom, after the end of “Friends.” However, her foray into the popular “Scream” horror film franchise had begun much earlier. It was in this context where the famous Ella began her career behind the cameras, serving as producer and director in several projects.

That is why today we remember 5 memorable moments from his career and personal life:

Her role as Monica Geller on “Friends” is one of the most iconic and beloved on the small screen. The series was a huge success and cemented her career as a comedy actress.

The character is a chef obsessed with cleanliness and order, known for her competitiveness and maternal nature towards her friends.

Monica is the younger sister of Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and the best friend of Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), an actress and character with whom she shared most of the series by living in the same apartment at the beginning of the series.

Additionally, her relationship with Chandler Bing (Mathew Perry), which evolves from a friendship to a marriage, is one of the central love stories of the series. This achieved a great cultural impact that has made even new generations continue to approach the characters with affection.

Her participation in the successful horror franchise “Scream” as reporter Gale Weathers allowed Cox to show her versatility as an actress and she became a recurring role in the sequels.

She went from performing comedy to being completely immersed in a dramatic role that contributed to the film’s suspense.

The film also brought back to the big screen a great success of the slasher genre (films where a serial killer ends the lives of young victims with violent methods), refreshing a premise that by then felt stagnant and was predictable for the audience.

The factors that made this happen largely were the freshness of its characters, in addition to the humor that the film uses in some passages.

As the star and executive producer of this comedy, Cox showed her talent both in front of and behind the camera. It was the first time she had a show that revolved around her both as the lead and in the making.

Her portrayal of Jules Cobb earned her wide critical acclaim, and she won the Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical for her role in 2010.

Courteney Cox was married to actor David Arquette from 1999 to 2013. Together they had a daughter, Coco Arquette, born in 2004. However, in 2013, after being separated for several years, they decided to end their marriage.

The reasons were never revealed by either of them exactly, but they have mentioned that it was a mutual decision based on irreconcilable differences and the need to follow separate paths in their personal and professional lives.

Despite their divorce, Cox and Arquette have maintained a friendly relationship.

“9 Months with Courteney Cox” was the documentary that Courtney premiered in 2019 to tell the stories of couples who make a physical and emotional journey when having a child through the in vitro fertilization method.

Although Courtney is not part of the relationships that go through the emotional challenges portrayed, in the production she is involved with those who appear in the documentary, hence the title that alludes to the journey that Courtney undertook to film it.

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