Valentina, former participant of the 2024 Challenge, is compared to Paola Jara

The reception that the participants of the 2024 Challenge have among fans of this production is increasing, since their physical abilities to face the Pits and their personalities are a source of conversation on digital platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

Recently, it was announced that a former challenger was compared to the popular music singer Paola Jara, remembered for musical hits such as ‘You don’t forget me’, ‘Bad woman’, ‘It won’t be so easy’ and ‘Cheers for him’.
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What former challenger was Paola Jara compared to?

It’s about Valentinaformer member of the Beta house, who faced Darlyn, Karoline and Glock in the dreaded Black Box during the Death Challenge.

After being eliminated, the young woman gave an interview to where she reacted to the publications made by her fans on social networks; However, what really caught attention was that they assured that She had an air of Jessi Uribe’s wife.
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“She looks like Paola Jara,” wrote a user identified as Dayana García, to which other people responded: “yes, just the same.”

It should be noted that, during the meeting, Valentina appeared wearing a beautiful denim outfit that highlighted her skin color and dark hair, that was organized in waves.

At the moment, neither of the two women has referred to the comments of Internet users. For their part, they continue working on their careers and showing the world that they are capable of achieving all the things they set out to do in life, since they know that discipline and security can take them very far.
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“You are a very beautiful person, I like the way you are”, “she was one of my favorites”, “you are beautiful inside and out, an excellent human being. Continue with your success”, were some of the messages they left for the Super Human in the post.

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