Bahia Principe enters hotel management with its first hotel in Cape Verde

Bahia Principe enters hotel management with its first hotel in Cape Verde
Bahia Principe enters hotel management with its first hotel in Cape Verde

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, Grupo Piñero’s hotel division, enters hotel management for the first time with a new hotel in Cape Verde with BFI Bank, a Cape Verdean investment projects bank.

With 605 rooms and located in Murdeira, Isla de la Sal, it will be a 5-star family-friendly and themed product.

The company has opted for the first time for a hotel management project – also called Asset Light – that allows it to focus on the management and operation of the hotel without direct ownership of the real estate assets. Thus, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts prioritizes customer experience and quality of service.

Specifically, the project in Cape Verde will represent an approximate investment of 120 million euros for a five-star, family-friendly, themed hotel with 605 rooms.

This destination has been carefully selected for its exceptional attributes that perfectly complement the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts brand, thanks to its good connectivity and stability, as well as a warm climate throughout the year that allows you to enjoy the sun and beach.

In addition, Soltour, Grupo Piñero’s tour operator, has a close relationship with Cape Verde, where it has been operating for more than five years from Portugal and, for two years, from Spain.

In that sense, the good forecasts for this destination, which has more than 90% tour operation weight, have led Soltour to expand the route outside of the summer season, demonstrating its great potential. Soltour has worked hand in hand with the Cape Verde Tourism Institute, ITCV, having signed an important collaboration agreement to promote this destination in the Spanish and Portuguese markets in order to show its benefits and attract quality, sustainable and lasting in the archipelago

Thus, Julio Pérez, chief operating officer, COO, of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, expressed that ‘we are excited to bring our brand to Sal Island in Cape Verde, a destination that perfectly aligns with our values ​​and quality standards. . This project is a strategic step in our global expansion.’

For his part, Luis Rodrigues, CEO of the International Development Bank, BFI Bank, highlighted that ‘Cape Verde is increasingly establishing itself as a tourist destination of international reference, with tourism being the main engine of the Cape Verdean economy, with the number of tourists will double between now and 2030 and, in the same period, investments will exceed one billion euros. As a bank that promotes the economy of Cape Verde, BFI Bank could not fail to participate in this evolution. The alliance signed with Grupo Piñero will provide management that is already internationally recognized and a differentiated offer that will promote the project to unique levels in Cape Verde.’

The project, which hopes to open its doors in 2027, will have a positive impact on the local Cape Verdean community through the creation of 500 direct jobs and development opportunities.

Transformation of the Hotel Business

Grupo Piñero is immersed in the transformation of the hotel business by searching for new formulas such as the Asset Light model, which allow it to expand in new markets such as Cape Verde, taking advantage of alliances and local resources while maximizing its focus on hotel management and customer experience. customer. This approach reflects an agile, global growth-oriented business strategy.

The company seeks to contribute to the promotion of Cape Verde through this project and promote quality, sustainable and long-lasting tourism in the archipelago.

In this line, through Soltour, a close relationship has been established with the Cape Verde Tourism Institute (ITCV) with the signing of an important collaboration agreement that aims to show the unique beauty of Cape Verde and expand its promotion. to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

In short, this project marks a milestone in the history of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, not only because it is the first hotel management project, but because it will allow it to enter Africa for the first time, joining the 24 hotels with which the brand currently has in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica.

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