Cande Tinelli celebrated Coti Sorokin’s birthday with an emotional post: “Life became more fun”

Cande Tinelli celebrated Coti Sorokin’s birthday with an emotional post: “Life became more fun”
Cande Tinelli celebrated Coti Sorokin’s birthday with an emotional post: “Life became more fun”

Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin (Photos: Instagram)

“In a world and a society of ‘liquid’ relationships, relationships without affective or emotional responsibility, where we all think that we are eternal teenagers and practically end up choosing solitude out of a certain selfishness, I from the bottom of my heart wish you all a companion,” the emotional text started Cande Tinelli on his Instagram account. The reason for her reflection: her husband’s birthday, Coti Sorokin.

The daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and Soledad Aquino She is fully involved in the development of her new family, together with the man to whom she decided to unite her life forever in a ceremony that took place on February 24 and which was sealed with a great party at an Exaltación de la Cruz farm. She is used to sharing the couple’s daily life on her networks, this time she was no exception and The singer wanted to pay tribute to the musician who is celebrating his 51st birthday.

With a reel of unpublished photos, Cande wrote a long text highlighting the virtues of her partner and the impact that the relationship brought to her life. “I am lucky to have this person by my side, I don’t want to be corny, but honestly Life became lighter and more fun since I met him. It made me mature a lot as a woman and as a human being. I have emotional stability and my ideas are much more settled. I value things more. I matured. And he has a lot to do with it,” explained the 33-year-old.

“Together we have the gift of taking the positive side of everything, no matter how hard it may be, holding hands and moving forward. Together we are stronger than apart, if we don’t make so much drama for things that aren’t worth it. Thank you for constantly making me laugh, for listening to me every time I have my downs, for making me feel cared for and confident in myself,” she added to the story.

With an emotional post, Cande Tinelli greeted Coti Sorokin for her birthday

Finally, a wish forever: “I love you deeply and I hope that we will always be with each other in everything as we always did. Here’s to many more adventures, surrounded by music and animals. Deep talks, piano, concerts and tour hotels. Horses, painting, new projects. All. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy today and every day of life”.

I love you my love. I love you what is not written. Companion, beautiful companion of my life. My complement at all times. You make me a better person every day that I wake up next to you.”, he responded in a comment.

“I am lucky to have this person by my side,” the singer dedicated to her husband.

The influencer and the musician overcame prejudices and storms and built their love story based on solid foundations. Music, passions, animals, wine, travel, family. Thus they faced adversity and exposure in universes to which they were not entirely accustomed.

The couple made Madrid their second home and accompany each other in their respective projects. On November 12, 2023, Coti appeared at the Gran Rex and reality surpassed fiction. She went on stage with her pets and before performing “I want to see you,” The singer knelt down and presented him with a corduroy bag containing a case with a wedding ring.. In tears, Lele She opened the packaging and discovered the jewel that her future husband had given her. At that moment they shared a passionate kiss that was celebrated with a standing ovation from the audience.

Cande and Coti did nothing other than confirm what was an open secret. For some time now, the press, their loved ones and themselves had speculated about what their wedding party would be like. Little by little some certainties remained. That it would be in Buenos Aires and not in Punta del Este; that it would be purely pet friendly and that the approximately 400 guests would be encouraged to refrain from using cell phones.

The intimate photos of the singer that Cande shared

The influencer honored him with a photo of his wedding

Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin

Coti Sorokin in privacy

Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin (Instagram)

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