Princess Leonor dresses as Letizia on the 10th anniversary of the Proclamation of King Felipe: gorgeous in a red suit

Updated · June 19, 2024, 12:26 p.m.

On a day as important as

anniversary of the Proclamation of King Philip, the monarch could not be without his daughters and his wife, Queen Letizia, with a spectacular blue look. Both Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía have participated in the events that the royal house has organized to mark ten years since that day when Don Felipe became king of Spain.

In addition to Letizia being super stylish and killing it with her style, Leonor and Sofía have been the absolute stars of the first morning dates. And the heir to the throne has shown that she is prepared to take over the stylistic baton from her mother with a

super elegant look with which it has made a difference.

The day of celebration began at the Royal Palace of Madrid, where the kings and their daughters attended the

solemn relief of the Royal Guard. A special appointment that has continued with the

delivery of the decorations of the Order of Civil Merit as recognition from the Crown to those who carry out their life and ordinary professional work in an exemplary manner, at the service of society. After that, the entire royal family offered a lunch to a representation of the Powers of State and society.

And, how has Princess Leonor managed to stand out stylistically speaking? Although she has chosen a simple look consisting of a suit jacket, she has been the only one who has debuted clothes on this occasion. Unlike Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía, who have recovered looks from her wardrobe, the heir to the throne

has premiered a two piece

Roberto Verino that couldn’t favor him more.

Specifically, he opted for a set of jacket and pants in a tone

strawberry red ideal for spring and that was in perfect harmony with her light skin tone. In addition, he opted for a different combination than usual and discarded the option of adding a white blouse and preferred to complete it with a top with a matching straight neckline.


Golden Fleece -the highest distinction granted by the Spanish Royal Family- on the jacket lapel and Queen Letizia’s Gold & Roses earrings accompanied this suit that

Queen Letizia has very similar things in her closet. Once again, the princess has shown that she receives stylistic influences from her mother and that she promises to position herself as one of the most elegant royals of the moment.

Princess Leonor in a red dress. /


A kiss to his grandfather and a matching look with his sister

Ten years and one day ago, Leonor and Sofía also became supporting actresses during the abdication of the now emeritus king. After Don Juan Carlos formalized the transfer of the Head of State to his son Felipe VI in the Royal Palace, he kissed his wife, Queen Sofia, and later embraced her son in a hug. . A few minutes later too

He kissed his granddaughters very which point he lost his balance and was forced to lean on a chair.

Princess Leonor during the Proclamation of King Felipe. / LIMITED PICTURES

The next day, at their father’s Proclamation, much of the attention was once again focused on the little girls, who were then eight and seven years old. They both looked pretty

matching looks signed by Asturian dressmakers Nieves García Torres and Teresa Fernández Castro. In the Royal Palace, the accomplices Leonor and Sofía held hands repeatedly before going out to greet people from the balcony, using platforms so that they could be seen well.

Now, a decade later, the princess and the infanta once again have a

prominent role in anniversary of the ceremony, this time with an act for themselves. Recently arrived from the Zaragoza Military Academy and the Welsh boarding school, without the presence of their parents, they will hold a meeting with several dozen young people their age who have been awarded by various foundations. This relaxed event will take place in the Royal Collections Gallery.

Among the greatest challenges that she has been taking on since she came of age and while she continues with her military training, whose next step will be at the Marín Naval School, we will soon also see Leonor in the

Princess of Girona Awards gala. The heir to the throne will present the awards in the coastal town of Lloret de Mar, in events where the kings of Spain and Infanta Sofia will also be present.

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