Yanina Latorre, friend of Marcelo Tinelli, attacks Milett Figueroa: “She is desperate for someone to hire her”

Yanina Latorre, friend of Marcelo Tinelli, attacks Milett Figueroa: “She is desperate for someone to hire her”
Yanina Latorre, friend of Marcelo Tinelli, attacks Milett Figueroa: “She is desperate for someone to hire her”

Yanina Latorre attacks Milett Figueroa for singing with Cande Tinelli:. America Today.

Yanina LatorreArgentine driver, again criticized Milett Figueroa and this time because he did not agree that it was recorded with the eldest daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and shine singing in ‘Father’s Day’.

On June 16, Milett Figueroa and Candelaria Tinellithey came together to dedicate an emotional song to Marcelo Tinelli on such a special date. In a show of unity and affection, Figueroa and Candelaria Tinelli They met at the house Marcelo to perform the song ‘Historia de amor’ by Luis Miguel.

However, for Yanina Latorrethe Peruvian model would be trying to attract the attention of Argentine producers so that they can hire her, since so far it is unknown if she will participate in any gaucho play or television program.

“Milett is trying to get someone to hire her… They both sing so badly. “Why did they do this? Does Milett think she sings well? … how horrible, desperate for someone to hire her for something because she is here for months and months and not,” she said.

But he also commented that Tinelli’s girlfriend would have boasted when commenting that you would have several job proposals, but none so far have materialized.

“The other day he said that he had a lot of proposals, but no one saw anything and let’s face it, who is going to propose something to him? If he hadn’t told me, I’m negotiating with a play, they called me from two theaters, I’m seeing a Television channel, you say something more specific, but nothing,” he said.

Yanina Latorre attacks Milett Figueroa for singing with Cande Tinelli. America TV.

At another time, the entertainment journalist expressed her fury against Edson Davilahost of ‘América Hoy’, a Peruvian magazine, for having indicated that it was time for her to retire and be replaced by Milett Figueroa. “The idiot (Edson) asks Sposato: ‘Well, it would be time to retire Yanina Latorre to put Milett in,’” he mentioned.

And then say that Figueroa could not replace her because he lacks talent. “Honey, to retire and be replaced by Milett, I should have talent for something… how misplaced, please, these Peruvians… Apart from the fact that he is going to talk if when you are going to make a note to them he doesn’t answer, he gets confused, “She can’t explain if she’s dating or not,” she said in ‘El Observador’.

Yanina La Torre was upset with Edson Dávila for sending her to retire. America TV.

The Argentine driver Marcelo Tinelli He returned to his country after an interview with Lionel Messi in United States. Back in Argentina, Tinelli He celebrated Father’s Day with his family and his current partner, the Peruvian model Milett Figueroa.

The return of businessman It did not go unnoticed due to a significant change in its appearance. Tinelli decided to cut and dye her hair pink in an effort to renew her image before the start of the Copa América 2024. This decision has generated a variety of reactions on social networks, where users questioned her choice of hair color in her recent posts on Instagram.

Marcelo Tinelli decided to dye his hair pink to interview Lionel Messi in Miami, United States. Instagram/@marcelotinelli

Milett Figueroaalthough he showed his support during the Father’s Day celebration, he also expressed his thoughts through jokes about the new look of Tinelli. Santiago Sposato, journalist and panelist on the ‘LAM’ program, commented: “I interviewed Milett with Marcelo, I really saw them very well. I can’t say anything bad about it. “She was very nice talking about Tinelli’s new hair color, she seemed to laugh… she kind of didn’t like it.”.

During a recent interview with the entertainment program ‘América Hoy’, Sposato added: “She was surprised by Marcelo’s new appearance, “It was a subtle way of expressing that I didn’t fully approve of his new look.”. Despite the jokes, Figueroa seems happy in her relationship with him. Argentine presenter.

Milett Figueroa would not have liked Marcelo Tinelli’s new look | America Today – America TV

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