Which specialist did Nicole Neumann hire to help her leave the clinic with her son?

After a sweet wait of months, last Tuesday, June 18 Nicole Neumann gave birth to her son cross, fruit of her marriage with Manu Urcera. And now that she received the discharge from the clinic To return home, she decided to hire a makeup artist to look radiant before leaving the medical center.

The baby was born in perfect condition and, minutes after having gone into labor, Nicole Neumann She chose to make an Instagram post with her husband from the Suizo Argentina clinic, showing her little feet and confirming the happy news of her birth.

“Welcome Cruz! We wish you and hope with all our hearts and today you are in our arms. We love you! Dad, mom and your sisters”, she wrote excitedly. He is the first boy for her, remembering that he already has three daughters – Indiana, Allegra and Sienna – from her previous marriage to Cubero.

After a period of observation per protocol, the famous woman now confirmed that she had received a medical discharge but she did not want to be caught off guard and to do so she had the assistance of her makeup artist. The specialist herself decided to go to the clinic to take care of her look.

Luli de la Vega, who in addition to being one of her faithful assistants is also a person of complete trust for Nicole Neumann, was in charge of uploading an image of how she looked at the model before returning home from the clinic.

The professional shared a video where you can see her finalizing the style details “make up not make up” that the famous one wore. The color and highlight data? The woman worked with the famous woman from the clinic room where she remained during these hours.

Nicole Neumann greeted her makeup artist before leaving the clinic.

Nicole Neumann She also shared a video through her Instagram account in which she showed how they did her hair and makeup after giving birth. She chose a simple look, pink tones, mascara and shiny nude lips, with the detail of loose, wavy hair.

In addition to sharing this moment being made up, the model could not hide her joy at being able to return home with little Cruz. “We are going home. Our hearts can’t fill our chests with so much emotion and happiness!”he wrote from the clinic.

Nicole Neumann had a look before leaving the clinic and returning home.
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