Consultations at the hospital and CAPS are more than triple. Public health crisis

The country’s economic situation has led to a significant increase in the demand for public health services. In recent months, care in the hospital and Primary Health Care Centers (CAPS) has increased by 300%, according to local health authorities.

The economic crisis has left many residents without social work coverage, forcing them to turn to the public health system to receive the medical care they need. This increase in demand is straining the capacity and resources of the local healthcare system.

This factor adds to the recent increase in cases of respiratory diseases, which make stronger use of on-call and pediatric on-call. In addition, the national state’s cuts in the shipment of medicines mean that the municipality and the province must redouble their efforts to meet the needs of their neighbors.

Despite this context, the Ministry of Health and the Hospital Management are working tirelessly to strengthen care, staff training, schedule distribution among professionals, and management of the tools necessary to serve the community. They are also carrying out vaccination campaigns against flu, covid, Hepatitis B, rapid testing for HIV and Syphilis.

The Director of the Hospital Emiliano Capandegui declared that “We are working hard and constantly to overcome the difficult economic situation of the country and the growth in demand in the Hospital, in the CAPS and in the localities, so that no neighbor is left without the medical attention you need.”


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