AI does it again: Katy Perry’s viral look for the Met Gala that managed to fool her mother – Music

AI does it again: Katy Perry’s viral look for the Met Gala that managed to fool her mother – Music
AI does it again: Katy Perry’s viral look for the Met Gala that managed to fool her mother – Music

The Met Galaan event that brings together the biggest stars of film, music and entertainment; He couldn’t count on Katy Perryalthough his mother I believed that the artist was indeed among the attendees.

And Mary Hudson has been the last victim of the Intelligence ArtificialThis is how Katy shared it through the social network Instagram. “I didn’t know you had gone to the Met,” this could be read in the message that her mother sent to the ‘Roar’ singer. To which Perry responded with “Mom, the AI ​​got you. BE CAREFUL“.

Although we were saddened to learn that Katy would not be attending the event of the year, it may be the reason behind this is more than justifiable. The bottom of the publication already gave us a slight idea of ​​what was happening: “I couldn’t get to the MET, I had to work“Perry ended this ‘post’ on Instagram with a video, without volume, of her in the study. What will the singer-songwriter be up to?

Under this publication, the followers have started commenting about this comical moment and about the future in the artist’s music: “kAIty Perry, iconic.” “I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL NIGHT.” “Baby, put that album out now.” “I’m going to learn to read lips to understand that video.”

Your future project

In December last year it was said that the star was preparing his most personal premiere and that a tour would arrive along with the new music. Added to this information are the clues that he gave during his residency in Las Vegas this past summer, speaking directly about his album in production.

From The Sun They assure that it is a project that will arrive in shape during the course of 2024. Therefore, Katy would be willing/decided to release her first album after four years, after ‘Smile’ (2020). The sources that speak to The Sun they say that “almost hhas completed the project“Added to this, she plans to tour the UK again after a six-year hiatus. At the same time, it is recalled that she has spent the last two years doing a successful residency in Las Vegas and is now ready to return to the rest of the world.

That next single has been described by the artist herself as “one of his best songs”although we haven’t been able to hear anything yet.

The return to the stage

The artist will be part of the festival poster ‘Rock In Rio 2024’thus returning to the stage and opening the door to new music after four years missing. It last that we could hear from Katy Perry was her 2020 album, ‘Smile’leaving aside the collaborations or versions that the artist has published in this intervening time.

Now the artist returns to a very familiar scene for her, since it will be her third participation in the festival. His first appearance at ‘Rock In Rio’ was back in 2011with his tour ‘California Dreams’and in 2015with its ‘tour’ called ‘Prismatic World Tour’. This event will feature artists such as Ed Sheeran, Gloria Gaynor either Imagine Dragonsin addition to Brazilian artists, such as the winner of the awards ‘Billboard Women in Music’ for the ‘Global Force’ category, Luisa Sonza.

In the ‘post’ of the announcement we can see the singer’s sleeves with butterflieselement recurrent in Perry’s musical life and that fans believe is decisive and protagonist in giving rise to his new musical stage. He day in which Katy will perform will focus on the female figure in the world of music, with a poster with exclusively women. This return of the singer to the public scene has given rise her fans to believe that the new era of Katy Perry is about to fall, since in addition has been confirmed by the festival itself that the artist will perform a completely new repertoire in her ‘show’. The ‘Rock In Rio’ will celebrate its 2024 40th anniversaryan occasion that is considered ideal for the launch of new songs.

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