DJ Méndez told how he found out he was going to be a grandfather – Publimetro Chile

DJ Méndez told how he found out he was going to be a grandfather – Publimetro Chile
DJ Méndez told how he found out he was going to be a grandfather – Publimetro Chile

The popular national musician, DJ Mendezwill be a guest in the next episode of the Chilevisión star, “We Can Speakr”, which will be broadcast this Sunday, June 16. Leopoldo was consulted by the animator Julio César Rodríguez if he ever he thought he was going to become a grandfatherthis after the daughter of the “Stockholm” singer, Steffi Mendezhad her first baby at 28 years old.

“No, not really,” he said at the outset. “When he was very young, he first obviously wanted to be a dad, already at 16 years old.. I always wanted to be a dad, it’s something that I feel in my soul, I like it, I love being it, But if you are a grandfather, the truth is no. I thought my life was going to end at a very young age., because of certain things that were happening in my life from a very young age. Then I didn’t see it, like I was going to do something real in my life, I thought very negatively,” he confessed.

“I was very grateful since I was going to start (having a family), well Steffi, Leo and then I had a soccer team. Grateful for life and God, but being a real grandfather is like wow! “I was shocked,” revealed the artist.

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DJ Méndez said that he was the first to find out that Steffi was expecting a child. She reached out to his evidently nervous side, “comes almost crying, nervously and I (say) ‘did something happen?’ “I started to get scared,” she said.

Steffi didn’t know how to tell him until finally She confessed that she was pregnant, “I said: ‘Really?’, I was going to jump for joy. She is 28 years old, still a good age, so I said ‘perfect’, but she was crying because she was nervous, because she didn’t know,” he continued.

“It was on the trip that he was in Chile and he didn’t know, She came to Chile without knowing she was pregnant, until she fainted at a friend’s house. and they take her to the emergency room, then they tell her: ‘congratulations, you’re going to be a mother.’ She told me she didn’t know what to do“added Mendez.

Her son had not mentioned it to his partner, and she was nervous about that. Her father advised him that he obviously had to tell her by whatever means she wanted.. “It took a couple of hours, I invited her and my partner, let’s go out to eat, she relaxed a little and had to call him“, the singer continued.

“She walked away from the table where we were eating and arrived very calm because of Dante’s reaction., her partner, a well-known musician there also in Sweden. Everything is good, everyone is happy, everyone has moved house, something bigger because a new member arrived,” concluded Leopoldo Méndez.

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