The blunder that Martín Ku made in Big Brother in the middle of a strong fight with Fury

The participants discussed during the nominees’ dinner they had at the house before the elimination gala.

June 17, 2024, 07:37 a.m.

This was the moment when Martín Ku “named himself” in Big Brother. (Photo: Telefe capture)

Juliana Scaglione he started his war against Martin Ku a few days ago and both players are going through decisive hours in Big Brother 2023 (Telefe). During the nominees dinner, they starred in a strong fight in which they did not hesitate to tell each other everything.

This Sunday it was known how the meeting that the participants shared was before removal this Monday night. In a moment, the Chinese made a huge mistake which left him exposed and impacted everyone on social networks.

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“Will you let me talk? Because I respect you,” Furia told his partner while they argued. “Martin at 9009”he reacted. “You are nominating yourself”the stunt double told him because he did not realize that with that negative vote viewers can eliminate him.

Martín Ku argued with Furia at the nominees’ dinner and made a mistake by “nominating himself.” (Photo: Telefe capture)

“He is campaigning to leave”reacted an Internet user upon seeing this moment that Chino starred in. “I love that he achieved what he wanted. “She destabilized him and he didn’t even have time to think.”another person said because of the way Juliana cornered the participant.

It is worth remembering that Martín Ku is on the list of nominees along with Furia, Emmanuel Vich and Bautista Mascia. For its part, Darío Martínez Corti is the leader of the week and decided to save Nicolas Grosman.

This was the intense fight between Furia and Martín Ku in Big Brother

“They want to get us out because we are the only people who say things to our faces. We don’t act, we are real”Furia shouted during the last nominees’ dinner. “There are people who do good things and they are the ones who create a quilombo,” she said, referring to Martín Ku.

“So I am the enemy and the villain of this story.”, Chino reacted to the words he heard from his partner. “Regrettably yes. All the girls think so, they voted for you for a reason. “You made me a spontaneous one recently,” she launched to attack him.

Martín Ku and Furia had a strong fight at the nominees dinner. (Photo: Telefe capture)

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Then, the player explained why he had made that decision. “Because of the distrust that I began to have in you, because of the lies. What you say does not match your actions”He pointed out, while trying to remain calm. “You learned very well! “I hit you with your own coin,” Fury shouted at him.

“Your word has no value, there is no reason to trust a person like that”, Ku expressed at another point in the discussion. “Will you let me talk? Why do I respect you?” asked Scaglione. It was at that moment that he expressed: “Martín to 9009.” “You are nominating yourself,” the most charismatic player on the reality show clarified.

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