The successes of Mayor Alejandro Eder

“We have an ambitious vision that guides our work and defines the purposes of this administration on which we will work tirelessly,” said the Mayor upon completing his 100th day in office.

Among its challenges, goals and achievements, it stands out having begun the work of positioning Cali internationally, after the signing of seven cooperation instruments which will allow it to receive technical and financial resources to strengthen policies, programs and projects; in addition to managing alliances with the United States, Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and with organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean, CAF, among others, for resource management technical and financial.

In the local part, through the Secretariat of Peace and Citizen Culture, it managed to reactivate the citizen culture tables in 11 communes and four townships, and together with the Secretariat of Security and Justice, it obtained historic results in the execution of the Cali Segura Plan , by reducing homicides in Cali during the first quarter of 2024 by 21%, compared to 2023. In the city, 11 criminal gangs were also dismantled and 1,311 people were captured.

One of the most questioned secretaries was that of Social Welfare, where Mayor Alejandro Eder highlighted that within the framework of the Food Safety Policy, community kitchens were opened, opening 51 kitchens, then 622 and for this month it is planned open more spaces to complete the goal of 762 dining rooms.

The Mayor managed to encourage the generation of 100,000 new jobs in the city. | Photo: Jorge Orozco

Another relevant fact is the signing of the inter-administrative contract with the San Miguel Geriátrico, which manages to benefit 282 older adults.

In addition to these advances, it is also necessary to mention the scope of the operational deployment of the Ministry of Mobility, which during the period from January 11 to March 24, 2024, recorded a decrease of 21 fatalities in traffic accidents in comparison with 2023.

Positioning Cali at the center of the world, after having been designated as the venue for the COP16 Biodiversity Summit, has been considered a great success and one of the events that will undoubtedly mark 2024.

In relation to Metrocali, Alejandro Eder’s administration managed to avoid, during the first quarter of this year, the liquidation of Metrocali SA due to the expiration of the restructuring agreement with creditors on January 15, in addition to beginning the recovery works of 12 stations. of MÍO that had serious structural damage.

Cali’s community kitchens did not start on time, which led to the Ministry of Social Welfare being highly criticized. | Photo: WIRMAN RÍOS

Councilors speak

After a general positive assessment of the management of the mayor of Cali, Alejandro Eder, in his first 100 days in office, there are several aspects that the councilors highlight.

For councilor María del Carmen Londoño, one of the achievements has been the issue of traffic in the city, which has allowed Cali to look more organized, “that there are fewer people on the roads going the wrong way. It has also lowered the levels of insecurity and the great achievement is having united all sectors.”

In turn, Councilor Edison Lucumí highlights that in terms of education, the timely supply of the PAE School Feeding Program was guaranteed in the 92 official institutions since the beginning of the school year. “Through the My Cali Bella Strategy, with the support of the community, streets, parks, monuments and road dividers were intervened, which have allowed the improvement of the city’s environments,” Lucumí explained.

Among the challenges that the Mayor will now have to face is, according to Londoño, presenting a Development Plan that is articulated with the need for what people want in the territory and that responds to the solution of social problems, education, which There are cultural activities for young people and also psychosocial support in the face of the entire drug addiction problem that exists in the city.

Councilor Lucumí also insists on the need for the 2024-2027 Development Plan to reach the District Council in this second stage of sessions for study and approval, “a tool that the District Administration will have at its disposal to advance programs and projects on which “The Mayor supported his candidacy and subsequent election.”

The Council of Cali adopted the Municipal shield to give identity to the building that is located within the CAM Municipal Administrative Center.
In the Cali Council they are waiting for the 2024-2027 Development Plan for study and approval, | Photo: Aymer Andrés Álvarez
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