A log that was blocking the passage of water in the San Luis canal was cleared – News

Clogged channels always generate problems when it comes to water circulation, which is why the Municipality seeks to identify these problems to solve them.

Municipal personnel carried out the removal of a trunk from the San Luis canal, which runs parallel to Gurruchaga Square.

Other works of the same type have already been carried out with fallen trees to improve the quality of life of all citizens.

The trunk was crossed in the canal supported by a water pipe, under General Paz Street, it was washed away by the rainy season and caused many inconveniences in the area.

“It was difficult to identify it because it was covered, but we were able to find the problem and solve it so that the channel works properly again,” said Ernesto Flores, undersecretary of Citizen Protection.

It was extracted by cutting the trunk into smaller parts to remove it and give it to Agrotécnica Fueguina to remove it from the place. It should be noted that the work was completed within the day.

This ensures that, if there is rain in the next few days, the water will circulate without problems.


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