Cali will be a pilot to promote digital education in the country

The Ministry of ICT’s commitment to massify digital education, one of the pillars of the Colombia Digital Power strategy, will have the capital of the Valley as one of its pilots at the national level.

For this reason, at the Inem Educational Institution, Jorge Isaacs in Cali, the launch of the ‘Green Code’ learning ecosystem was carried out, an application that contains different strategies to improve the digital skills in computational thinking of Colombian boys, girls and young people, from the age of 10, and lay the foundations for learning programming, among others.

Launch in Cali at the INEM school, Green Code program information topics. Photos Raúl Palacios / El Pais. | Photo: Raul Palacios

“Through this engine we will make Colombia a Digital Power. Let us remember that for technology to translate into greater well-being, it is important that we know how to use it, appropriate it and adopt all the knowledge it gives us,” declared María Lucía Flórez, vice minister (e) of Digital Transformation.

He added that the focus of this process seeks to train teachers so that they in turn have a cascade effect and teach other teachers computational skills and thinking, algorithms and problem solving.

How does it work?

The ‘Green Code’ platform is developed through games in which children over 10 years of age can solve problems in the face of climate change.

“For example, programming a drone, in different areas of the country, looking for solutions to this phenomenon and in doing so they get involved through technology and computational behavior,” said the official.

He added that the Inem school is one of those nodes in Cali to radiate this training process. In the capital of the Valley, 11 educational institutions benefit from the Colombia Program and ‘Green Code’, “but we are going to have other schools in the Valley, and we hope to reach 16 departments of the country, this through teacher training ”.

The Vice Minister added that this process began this semester and ends in four years. “We hope, at the end, to have trained 10,000 teachers and that at least 800,000 students throughout the country will benefit.”

Colombia Program has an investment close to $48,000 million, of which, $42,000 million is contributed by the MinTic.

The experience of students and teachers with the platform

Leonardo Javier Rodríguez, professor at Inem, explains that the ‘Green Code’ is a MinTic platform for green programming.

“For example, with recyclable elements and technology, boys in grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 are taught to program and make robots… we start from a Steam process (which includes the areas of science, engineering, technology, mathematics, art, among others) and we end up in the development of a product or process,” he said.

Launch in Cali at the INEM school, Green Code program information topics. Photos Raúl Palacios / El Pais. | Photo: Raul Palacios

He added that this can be developed through programs assisted by computational engineering, “where in one part the structure of a robot is developed and in another space the technology of the same robot is developed and they are joined together using recyclable parts.”

“The application has many possibilities, for example, it allows us to promote technology to develop temperature, movement and soil humidity sensors, these sensors send information to any part of the world to make decisions in the face of a possible problem in climate change” , Explain.

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