Camagüey: farmers evaluated key issues of their management

Camagüey, June 14.- In the results of the process of strengthening grassroots organizations, facing the XIII Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), compliance with productive indicators and the confrontation with crime deepened, this Thursday , members of the cooperative and peasant sector during the provincial plenary session of that structure.

When evaluating the topics addressed, during the meeting Osmani Pérez Márquez, member of the ANAP National Bureau, insisted that the membership must direct its actions towards those cooperatives and farmers who today do not comply with the contracting, mainly of milk and honey. , indicators in which the province is currently marked negatively at the country level.

Therefore, he urged the cadres to visit the places with the highest incidence, with the purpose of motivating and stimulating a decisive sector in the production of food for the people.

Regarding the process of strengthening the board of directors in all the cooperatives in the territory, it was known that of the 248 general assemblies of members held, 208 presidents were ratified and 40 renewed, an issue in which Pérez Márquez pointed out that it is necessary to prepare the new generations to guarantee continuity in the union.

For his part, when presenting the main productive indicators at the end of the month of May of this year, Sergio Rodríguez Salcedo, member of the ANAP Provincial Bureau that serves the Agri-Food sphere, explained that Camagüey achieves superior results in vegetables, with 610 tons

However, he pointed out that milk decreased by one million 200 thousand liters, honey by 28 t and pork by 30 t, as well as livestock mass.

In particular, he specified that milk production does not reach the planned 11 million 963 thousand 054 liters, since at the end of May only nine million 465 thousand 535 liters were recorded.

For the 2023-2024 harvest, he said that 273,865.30 tons of cane were estimated to be ground in an area of ​​7,921.92 hectares, with an average yield of 34.4 tons per hectare, in 24 Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA) and 14 Credit and Service Cooperatives (CCS).

It meant that due to the fires that occurred in the stage, 1,311.26 hectares were affected, with a loss of 48,255 tons and 91,684,500 pesos.

Likewise, he stated that due to the delays in land preparation due to the deficit of fuel and lubricants, only 113,664.15 tons were sold to the industry and 241.10 hectares have been planted to date, still well below what was planned. , considered.

Confronting crime, corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline was another of the issues discussed at the meeting, in which Elizabeth Arca Morell, member of the ANAP Provincial Bureau that deals with the sphere of Education and Political-Ideological Work , pointed out that until May of this calendar, the Camagüey territory reported an impact of 2,208 heads, of which 1,649 vaccines and 559 horses, with the highest incidence in the municipalities of Guáimaro and Najasa.

In that sense, he specified that there are 348 auxiliaries of the National Revolutionary Police and 404 associates have expressed their willingness to belong to those ranks, to, together with those responsible for security and protection, reinforce surveillance in the peasant communities.

Finally, leaders of the cooperative and peasant sector received training on the methodology to develop the organic process of the XIII ANAP Congress, where the commitments of Camagüey producers must be analyzed in greeting to the national event. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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