Employment in Chile: Moderate, but safe projection

Employment in Chile: Moderate, but safe projection
Employment in Chile: Moderate, but safe projection
Jorge Gamero
General Manager of ManpowerGroup Chile

As experts in talent management for thousands of companies, through our MEOS survey, which is carried out in 42 countries, we understand that, despite the fact that labor markets remain positive in many territories around the world, economic uncertainty current situation continues to give Chilean employers pause.

Chile projects a net index of 7%, a figure lower than the 10 points registered for the second quarter, but which continues to provide a positive outlook from employers, according to the ManpowerGroup survey. The above, especially if one considers that the net index is the subtraction between 35% of organizations that do plan to increase their hiring, and 28% that foresee reductions in their workforce.

Most companies are increasingly cautious in their hiring, prioritizing recruiting talent with the most key skills they need. At the same time, the focus is on the adoption of AI in companies across all sectors; Our data shows that organizations are focusing on upskilling their current teams, and maximizing the potential of AI to drive efficiency and increase productivity.

Employment, and even more so when it is prospective, is a good thermometer to measure how markets view the future, and although Chile has one of the most conservative figures in the world, it is advancing consistently in the changing reality we live in.


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