You react, there is no one else

Of course, politicians are not going to change. And not because they are better or worse. There is everything, as always, like anywhere. But they always stand out above us in one thing: in smelling the wind and seeing where the air blows us. And now they have understood very clearly that what is profitable for them is to turn us against each other.

It’s not their fault, no. It’s your fault. As long as it seems good to him that a president endorses the maxim that he only rules for half the country (the one on his side of the wall) and that works for him, he will continue to do so. You will know, Mr. PSOE voter, if it seems normal to you to continue thinking that the party with the most votes in this country is a cave of façades. I look on the street and I don’t see it.

As long as you, Mr. PP voter, find it so funny that your party continues to call the President of the Government a “son of a bitch” at every rally (that filthy joke about “I like fruit” is nothing else, you know) we have no remedy. Your representatives should be something else. If they laugh at that, why do they think they are better?

If you, Mrs. Vox voter, continue to buy the racist and homophobic speech of a man who does not hesitate to say that a political rival must be “hanged by the feet,” you are not creating any solution to any problem, but rather the cause of many. . And if you vote for Alvise… Well, you are beyond almost any help, because you live in an unreal world in which lies and truth are not worth a damn.

It’s your thing, I tell you. You will know where we are going if you dedicate yourself to swallowing what you want to hear, even if it is a salad of half-truths and crude jokes. You can continue reading media and influencers of those who mess with them every day; Without a doubt, this way one lives more calmly and enveloped in righteous indignation. But then don’t say “oh, the politicians!”

Politicians do what they are rewarded for. No other thing. So you know: if you like how we’re going, keep going, keep going. Or else, react. Nobody else can do it.

And finally we arrived at the station. It is not that it surprises anyone: that this little pardon-amnesty train for the independentists was going to end in more money for Catalonia and less for the rest of the communities was so evident that hearing someone complain now is even surprising. There we are. Sanchez’s most shameless sycophants have already begun to include it in their speeches, starting with Vice President Montero. That “special” treatment must be given to that community. I’m sure in the coming weeks you’ll hear plenty of reasons why that’s a great thing for everyone. But I would love it if, at that moment, the socialists in the rest of Spain would kindly explain to us why it is so good for everyone that Catalonia, one of the richest communities in this country, has to receive even more money and give Even less. But, anyway, we are now where we knew we were going to be. Prepare your wallet.

I’m in red-and-white mode. It happens to me with football, every two years. It’s like an infection. Although I continue to pay attention to my daily chores, in reality my head is somewhere else. So you can understand that I am a little agitated: guilty of being excited about these boys dressed in red, from different regions, colors and teams, who make me happy and sad. Since we won yesterday, I’m going to dedicate myself to being happy as a pumpkin for a few hours. Then we will fall. Or maybe not. Go for them, hey.

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