An alleged audio of Gustavo Valdés went viral and social networks exploded

However, and given the dissemination and debate generated on the networks, the Corrientes government assured that it is a audio generated with artificial intelligence (AI) programs, imitating the tone of voice of the provincial leader.

What does it say to the audio attributed to Gustavo Valdés

Before the audio was made public, Governor Valdés had stated in relation to Loan’s disappearance that “we do not rule out any of the clues. We put all the means and we will not hesitate to continue contributing everything possible to find out what happened“.

“We are going to continue looking for him, we are never going to give him up for dead.”The president stressed that he made himself available to the family and all the resources of the province to advance with the investigation and search operations.

On the contrary, in the audio that went viral you can hear: “Imagine if that shitty town rises… I’m not interested in whether he appears or not, what matters to me is that this doesn’t happen, you understand? Stop screwing around and letting someone fall. Five days dealing with this…”.

They raided the house of the former municipal employee arrested for Loan’s disappearance

On this Saturday afternoon a raid on María Victoria Caillava’s homethe former municipal employee who was arrested for her alleged connection with the disappearance of little Loan Danilo Peña. Her husband, former prefect Carlos Pérez, is also arrested in the case.

During the raid Excavations were carried out in the garden and the interior of the house was exhaustively searchedfrom where various elements were taken that could be useful for the investigation being carried out in Corrientes, in order to find the whereabouts of the minor who has been missing for nine days.

In the raid Dogs like those used last Friday night were also used to determine that there were traces of Loan in one of the couple’s vehicles.which led to the arrest of Caillava and Pérez.

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