Important challenge for the 2024 Chile Cup

Important challenge for the 2024 Chile Cup
Important challenge for the 2024 Chile Cup

This Sunday the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium will host the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Chile Cup 2024: O’higgins vs Colo Colo faces will be seen starting at 5:30 p.m. for the traditional contest.

He Chief of Province He had to beat Lautaro de Buin by the minimum score in La Pintana, while the Chief They beat Colegio Quillón 6-0 at the Monumental.

A commitment where both casts seek to keep the place in the semifinals of the South Central Zone of the Chile Cup.

Therefore, know all the details that will be O’higgins vs Colo Colo by the hand of Jugabet, that gives you all the excitement for the game.

O’higgins vs Colo Colo: This is how both teams arrive in the first leg of the quarterfinals

O’higgins had to work overtime to be able to advance to this phase of the Chile Cup, succeed by the minimum accountin the last minutes, against Lautaro de Buin.

The meeting, which It will only have light blue fans in El Teniente, promises passages of good football thanks to the defensive power of the team Victor Fuentes.

Colo Colo had no major problems when it came to advancing to the quarterfinals after beat Club Deportivo Colegio Quillón 6-0 at the Monumental Stadium.

Jorge Almiron He travels with what is best available from his team, except Maximiliano Falcon which was left out of the list of those cited.

Who will be the winner of the first leg of the Chile Cup quarterfinals?

For Jugabet, the winner of the match between O’higgins and Colo Colo for the 2024 Chile Cup will be the Chiefwhat pay 2.01 times what you play, above the 3.96 paid by the Capo de Provincia for his victory.

Now, if you play it for the tie between both teams facing the first leg of the quarterfinals, pays 3.54 times what you bet with Jugabet.

If you think that both teams score in El Teniente, the factor pays 1.76 times what you play, and if the first goal of the commitment will be light blue pays 2.43 times what you bet.

The article presents quotas that may be modified during the course of the commitment. Product for adults.

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