A friend of Ryan Gosling revealed why he settled in Buenos Aires for a while

A friend of Ryan Gosling revealed why he settled in Buenos Aires for a while
A friend of Ryan Gosling revealed why he settled in Buenos Aires for a while

In the last hours, the name of Ryan Gosling has been on everyone’s lips on social media, but not for his latest film in the United States, “Profession Danger,” but for his nostalgic evocations of his stay in South America. During an interview with a local media, the actor shared with longing his memories of ice cream from a well-known Argentine chain and traditional croissants.

“My thoughts always come back to that,” Gosling confessed to the reporter, while his castmate, Emily Blunt, watched him carefully. The actor described croissants as “a croissant, but smaller, sweeter and eaten for breakfast”, highlighting the peculiarity of being able to enjoy them even in the wee hours of the morning.

Curiosity about the relationship Ryan Gosling with Argentina led to Emily Blunt to ask about their experience in the country. Without hesitation, the “La La Land” star responded: “Not enough.” It was then that Tobias Schapire, a friend of the actor, intervened to provide details about Gosling’s stay in the region.

According to his Uruguayan friend Schapire, his friendship with Gosling dates back to a shared summer in Uruguay and a week’s vacation in Buenos Aires. It all started when an American painter friend of Schapire’s was planning to spend the summer in Punta del Este along with Boaz Yakin, a film director. Yakin invited Gosling, who had worked with him on “Duel of the Titans” in 2000.

“Ryan joined the group and participated in all of our activities. We played soccer on the beach, enjoyed the sun, played guitar at sunset and relaxed by the pool,” Schapire recalled. The experience was a season full of fun and camaraderie for everyone, leaving Gosling with an indelible memory of his time in South America.

The revelation of these memories has sparked a wave of comments among the actor’s followers, who express their surprise and admiration for his connection with the region and his summer experiences in the area. Without a doubt, these memoirs add a new chapter to the fascinating life of Ryan Gosling.

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