Robert Pattinson and director of ‘Smile’ will work on the remake of a deranged horror classic – Movie news

Robert Pattinson and director of ‘Smile’ will work on the remake of a deranged horror classic – Movie news
Robert Pattinson and director of ‘Smile’ will work on the remake of a deranged horror classic – Movie news

Robert Pattinson, known for his versatility beyond ‘Twilight’, and Parker Finn, director of the acclaimed ‘Smile’, will come together for the remake of a true gem of horror cinema.

Robert Pattinson is not only known for his iconic role as the pale vampire Edward Cullen in the saga Twilight, but he has also proven to be an extraordinary actor. From the viscerality and torment of The lighthouse from Robert Eggers to the ambiguous and disturbing morality in The devil at all timesyes, Pattinson is capable of playing a wide range of complex and dark characters.

The 38-year-old actor has also worked with some of today’s most acclaimed directors, including David Cronenberg (in Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars), Christopher Nolan (in Tenet), Claire Denis (in High Life) and soon we will see it in Mickey 17 under the direction of Bong Joon Ho, Oscar-winning Korean director for Parasites.

Each of these roles and collaborations has underlined Pattinson’s versatility, confirming that his talent goes far beyond the stereotypes of his early years in Hollywood. And now, the actor batman and Z: The lost city is getting ready to star in the remake of one of the most deranged horror films in the history of cinema.

According to reports from The Hollywood Reporterthe young filmmaker Parker Finnresponsible for the splendid and disturbing Smilehas teamed up with Pattinson for a new version of Possessionthe 1981 cult supernatural psychological horror film written and directed by Polish filmmaker Andrzej Żuławski.

Robert Pattinson and Parker Finn will revive the cult horror: ‘Possession’

The original film centers on Anna (Isabelle Adjani), a woman married to a Cold War spy (Sam Neill), who, after a long period of sadness and loneliness, and During the dissolution of his marriage, he begins to become involved with a disturbing Lovecraftian creature. which was designed by Carlo Rambaldi.

Filmed in West Berlin, Possession captures the paranoia and ennui of the Cold War, combined with a timeless tale of the end of a marriage, inspired by Żuławski’s own marital crisis. This story is about two people who can’t stand each other, but they also can’t live without each other. In many ways, it is one of the wildest, most strikingly personal and original films ever made.

Possession It fits perfectly into the definition of a cult film, to the extent that it was difficult to find for many years, even since its initial release. In other words, there was a time when Possession was almost a lost film. Fortunately, The people behind this new remake have the credibility, talent and prestige to pay a worthy tribute to the original work.

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