Platforms: main premieres this week – Rosario News

Platforms: main premieres this week – Rosario News
Platforms: main premieres this week – Rosario News


Happy 6.

With humor, eroticism and romance, the series delves into the captivating world of relationships. The intersection between a group of heterosexual, monogamous friends and a diverse, polyamorous group of friends raises a question that will challenge the audience. The series stars Nicolás Furtado (Damián) and Delfina Chaves (Carolina).”

8 episodes that explore the complexities of romantic relationships

The main cast is completed with Fede Salles, Male Sánchez, Juan Sorini and Paly Duval; Mónica Antolopulos, Luciano Mellera, Belu Lucius, Andrea Rincón, Elisa Carricajo, Romina Ricci and Laura Cymer are also part of the cast.

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All a man

6-episode miniseries. An Atlanta real estate mogul must deal with fierce enemies and do the impossible to get back to the top when he shakes the foundation of his empire, starring the brilliant Jeff Daniels and Diane Lane. That businessman who takes the world ahead until a situation unexpectedly leaves him on the brink of bankruptcy. Jeff Daniels plays a prominent citizen of Atlanta. A former American football star during his college days, he owns a real estate business, is in his sixties, and has a second wife who is only twenty-eight years old. But the life of this winner begins to crack and, then, various political and economic forces fight among themselves while he tries to defend the empire from those who want to take advantage of his fall from grace.

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The Asunta case

The Netflix series ”The Asunta Case” is inspired by the real murder of Asunta Basterra, a 12-year-old girl whose adoptive parents were accused of her death. The case shocked Spain in 2013, when Asunta’s body was found with signs of asphyxiation on a lonely street. After a trial, both parents were sentenced to 18 years in prison, but the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia later corrected the verdict, exonerating Alfonso of the murder. Rosario, the adoptive mother, committed suicide in prison in 2020. Many unknowns remain about what happened, including the presence of lorazepam in Asunta’s body and the circumstances surrounding her death.

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The power of fashion

The power of fashion (The Dressmaker, 2015) interweaves genres such as revenge western, romantic drama, and comedy, within the setting of a small town with big secrets. The film, starring Kate Winslet (The Regime) as Myrtle Dunnage, reflects a woman’s return to the arid surroundings of Dungatar to confront a dark past and transform her present with needle and thread. Heerramandi The Netflix novel that mixes romance, drama and betrayal has a single season made up of 8 episodes, is set in 1940 and portrays the life of the tawaifs in the red light district of Heera Mandi in Lahore during the Indian independence movement against the British Raj Story of the lives of three generations of courtesans in Heeramandi, during pre-independence India. Mallikajaan is the queen of the tawaifs (or courtesans) and a cunning woman who runs this elite place, but a new rival – Fareedan, the daughter of her late nemesis – threatens her kingdom as rebellion against the tawaifs arises. British in India”. Explore the cultural reality of Heeramandi, a dazzling district, through the stories of courtesans and their patrons against the tumultuous backdrop of the freedom struggle in the 1940s. A mix of love, betrayal, succession and politics in the kothas (house of the courtesans).”

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld makes his debut as director, screenwriter and co-producer of this film set in 1963 in Michigan, which records the rivalry between the Kellogg’s and Post companies when both began looking for the ideal breakfast product that could revolutionize the market.

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The veil

Elisabeth Moss becomes a spy in a miniseries that already has the first two chapters available on the platform. From the creator of Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight, which places the epicenter of the conflict between Europe and the East with NATO players such as the US and the United Kingdom disputing its leadership, with France claiming territorial centrality and the specter of ISIS spreading.

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Amazon Prime

The idea of ​​you

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine (Red, White and Blue Blood), who play an atypical couple with an age difference of 15 years, who will face public and media scrutiny. The plot centers on Solène (Hathaway), a single mother and 40-year-old gallerist who, after a chance meeting at the Coachella festival, begins a relationship with Hayes Campbell (Galitzine). The young man of just 24 years [20 en los libros] He is not just any earthly being, but the leader of the boy band August Moon, the most famous of the moment.

“The film is a lot about the concept of age and getting older,” Hathaway said for the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

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