The scandalous night of an NBA player: the attack on a fan and the uncomfortable moment he put a journalist through

The scandalous night of an NBA player: the attack on a fan and the uncomfortable moment he put a journalist through
The scandalous night of an NBA player: the attack on a fan and the uncomfortable moment he put a journalist through

The Indiana Pacers They put the lock on the series with Milwaukee Bucks after winning 120-98 in the sixth duel held in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse. But the focus was not on the 21 points and 8 rebounds that Obi Toppin contributed or the 20 points and 9 assists that TJ McConnell scored in the winner. Nor in Damian Lillard’s good scoring figures (28 points) despite the defeat. The gaze remained on the controversial actions of Patrick Beverley with a Pacers fan and then with a journalist.

With almost two and a half minutes remaining until Indiana’s final 4-2 lead in the series, the cameras focused on the Bucks bench. The score was already 114-94 in favor of the local team and the anger over the elimination grew during the visit. That seemed to be evidenced in what the experienced 35-year-old player did: A fan returned the ball to him while they were talking and as soon as Pat took it, he threw it violently at him.. Quickly, his colleagues intervened to calm things down.

When the video went viral on social media, Beverley stated that the cut of the footage was out of context: “It’s not fair at all. Exchanges between a fan and our club all night. We were warning and asking for help all night. It’s not fair…” he stated. Although later, six hours after the first post, he uploaded another tweet in which he acknowledged “But I have to be better. And I’ll do it”.

The newspaper USA Today warned that the “NBA typically fines a player $25,000 for throwing a ball into the stands”, something that will surely fit this player who began his professional career with Dnipro in Ukraine and then played for Olympiacos in Greece and Spartak in Russia before returning to his country to dress as a Houston Rocket. After that experience, he went through the Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers as a stopover prior to landing in the Bucks during the beginning of 2024.

After the defeat against Indiana, in which he signed a score sheet with 6 points, 5 assists and 2 rebounds in 40 minutes of activity, Beverley had another unpleasant scene, but this time with the press. “Beverly’s antics didn’t end on the court,” journalist Jeff Zillgitt said in the Todaywhere he also reflected the uncomfortable moment that a journalist from the network experienced ESPN.

The actions of NBA player Pat Beverley with a journalist

“Excuse me, are you subscribed to my podcast?”the player surprised, in reference to his product called “The Pat Bev Show”. Given the negative response, he stated: “You can’t interview me then. “Without disrespect.” At that moment he demanded that “Take that (microphone) out of my face, please.” and moved the device. When the reporter tried to reposition the microphone, Beverly again tried to run him away. “Could you please move the microphone or just get out of the circle?”I reiterate.

The chronicler Malinda Adams was quickly defended by some colleagues on social networks after the uncomfortable moment she had to experience: “Producer Malinda Adams happens to be one of the most respected and professional people we have on ESPN. Bev, you will have to apologize a couple of times for things tonight,” wrote the specialist for that same network, Brian Windhorst, on the social network. x. “Just so everyone knows, the beautiful soul to whom this nonsense was directed is Malinda Adams, who is among the kindest, hardest working, best and most respected people in EVERYONE the medianot only on ESPN, and the dearest of friends to all her friends,” Marty Smith, also from ESPN.

After what happened went viral, Adams assured on her social networks that the player called her after the incident: “I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I am humiliated. Patrick Beverly just called me and apologized. I appreciate it and accept it. The Bucks also reached out to apologize. “I’ve been in the news for over 40 years and kindness and grace always win.”

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