The Copa América… will have a pink card!

The Copa América… will have a pink card!
The Copa América… will have a pink card!

CONMEBOL will implement the pink card in the Copa America 2024. This cardboard will serve as an indication for replace a player who has suffered a blow to the head and have it You suspect that you have suffered some type of head trauma or concussion. The organization’s Competitions and Operations Directorate has announced that a possible sixth (or seventh) change will be added to take care of the health of the footballers.

For coaches to make this change, they must inform the field referee or the fourth official and the main referee will show this pink card. This substitution can only be made once for each team in addition to the five that can be made during the 90 minutes (or six if there is extra time). The player who has been substituted will not be able to re-enter the field of play and will go to the locker room and, if possible, would have to go to a medical center.

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Furthermore, once the match has finished, within a period of 24 hours, it will be mandatory for the doctor who has detected this injury to send the signed SCAT5 form (concussion evaluation) to the CONMEBOL medical commission, with the aim of preventing use fraudulently.

How many types of cards have existed in the world of football?

With this new addition, the referees will add a new card to the red and yellow cast. However, pink cardboard has not been the only one that has been introduced into the world of football, there having been up to five different types. The last one that will come into operation gradually will be the blue card, which expels a player for 10 minutes for committing a serious foul or protesting.

There is also a card white which came into operation in the Portuguese Women’s League that rewarded fair play and in Spain this color was used in 1971, but with the same operation as yellow. In Italian football there was also an orange card that expelled the player for a few minutes and the card green invented by the Andalusian Football Federation which, like the white one, rewards fair play.

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