Alexa celebrates the start of Euro 2024 with its own voice commands

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, has already demonstrated on other occasions that has a passion for football. This time, with the start of Euro 2024, he has put on his best clothes to cheer on La Roja and, incidentally, allow us easy access to all content related to football. To do this we can use the assistant’s useful voice commands.

The availability of Alexa is increasing, since it has become a frequent tool on mobile phones and televisions, as well as on other devices. Therefore, it is positive to see that Amazon keeps the assistant updated for the most important occasions of the year. As you can imagine, Euro 2024 is one of these best opportunities to have a good time.

The best soccer commando on Fire TV

If you want to access all the information about Euro 2024 instantly from a Fire TV device, all you have to do is use the voice command “Alexa, open the football page”. That will instantly take you to your control center with all the data and information you need. You will find the results, news, dates of the next matches and any other element that is considered important.

Of course, those responsible for the Fire TV interface have made sure that you can not only access this data and information through Alexa. Therefore, you have surely noticed that the device interface has a series of banners that lead to the Euro 2024 content. That way they make sure you can easily stay up to date by clicking on them. Here you can also see, for example, the replays of the best goals of each of the days.

More Alexa commands for football

Although these commands have been available for a while, what Amazon has done is make sure to update Alexa’s knowledge so that the responses and flow of use are appropriate. Therefore, you can take advantage of them with the guarantee that each command will provide you with the best performance. One of those who you can use is “Alexa, when is Spain playing?” and the assistant will inform you of the dates and times of the next matches.

You can also tell him “Alexa, cheer for the team,” so he can put on his war paint with the colors of La Roja and start cheering non-stop. Or, as usual, don’t forget the legendary “Alexa, activate soccer mode”, with which the assistant makes it very clear what his favorite sport is. But he remembers that there are many questions related to the Euro Cup that you can ask him. From Amazon they recommend, for example, that we ask “Alexa, who is the soccer player of the day?”because perhaps we have not been able to see all the matches in the competition and we have missed the role that a certain player has played.

Of course, you can ask Alexa any other type of question you can think of related to football, such as the results of the matches. A positive aspect is that the assistant will inform you of the results in rigorous real time, so if you have no other way to access the information, it can be a very interesting resource. At the end of the day, what Amazon is looking for is for its assistant to become increasingly important in the daily lives of users.

Remember that, on the other hand, we have weeks of football ahead of us and that, if you have a Fire TV device, you can watch the competition through the RTVE Play application accessible from it.

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