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06/14/2024 11:58 p.m. Updated on 06/15/2024 00:02hs.

Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference after the National Team’s 4-1 win over Guatemala (doubles by Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez), and did not want to reveal who the 26 chosen to compete in the Copa América will be. In this context, given the lack of minutes played by Alejandro Garnacho in the last two friendlies, the question arose about the young Manchester United talent. only last name confirmed by the coach.

The list for the Copa América: “I have them at 26 but I haven’t told them yet. I’m going to tell them first. We make decisions based on what we see in games and training, the feelings of what the team may need. We have had quite a few problems, the decision always comes down to what is best for the team. There have been guys left out who might have been there, this is the most difficult list of all, we had many complications. Luckily everyone is fine today and the decision is made. based on what we saw these days.”

Carboni: “I expected what he did. A young boy, he played a good game, it was a difficult game, we are happy with what he did. We’ll see if he is in the Cup, he has a great projection.”

Grenache: “You have to be very careful, it’s not nice to leave a player out. The game wasn’t there for him to come in, but Garnacho is going to be there, if that’s the question.”

Lionel Scaloni –

Scaloni confirmed Garnacho

Messi and Di María: “Leo is always going to play. We are always alert about the new rules, the change windows, the idea is to take care of him as much as possible. Fideo has something that when the game is open he can change it. It is an option that we tried, but It can also give us a lot upfront.”

Lautaro’s prison: “I don’t know if he asked for it (from Messi) or if he gave it to him, it’s part of Leo’s generosity.”

The team: “It is a difficult year although it may seem crazy to say it. This group can play well or badly, but the attitude, the desire to run, to play, to always be there, will not be lacking. We have a marked way of playing, the team knows very well well what he has to do.”

The good and bad: “The goals and the attitude were good things. We were erratic with the passes and we could be in bad shape for the counterattacks. That is a reading of the first half above all, in the first 25 minutes we were not fine. Guatemala was a great rival, We are the ones who have the difficulty. It helps us to analyze what is coming. The team was safer in the ST, it was a different team. It was a game to see some modification and we took advantage of it.

The victory of the National Team

Argentine National Team –

The best of Argentina’s victory against Guatemala

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