Kratos reveals his version of what happened in the Black Box of Challenge 2024

Kratos, the most recent eliminated from the Challenge, explains that This Black Box was one of the most physically demanding tests and, like this, he had only had one other track in which he felt he could not continue, it was in the Yellow Box, however, as it was a group, he managed it without problem.

Kratos talks about his health problem in the Challenge

The athlete confesses that By the time he passed the ramp with the cement spheres, he was already feeling very dizzy and couldn’t even see well.. This is why, shortly after, when he was going to enter the next obstacle, his body stopped working and he had no strength, he explains exclusively to

Kratos assures that the issue of not having eaten approximately four cycles affected him more than he thought and he continues saying that his body did not allow him to give more, he lost his breath: “I got scared online, I had to go out, I thought I couldn’t breathe”says.

On the other hand, the most recent eliminated from the Challenge comments that the three Beta men had to help each other to lift the wooden stick and pass the spheres, he knows that At that moment he should have taken advantage, but he didn’t and that was the result.
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Kratos confesses that he completely changed in the Challenge

The rugby player is sure that a man entered the Colombian reality show, but another person leaves. He changed many things about himself for the better and now he understands that everything should be valued more, like food.

Taking advantage of the interview, The former member of Omega invites viewers not to waste food, to appreciate it, because many do not know what it is like to suffer from hunger for several days in a row. She finally reveals that, from now on, she will not take anything in her life for granted.
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How much money does Kratos take from the Challenge?

The truth is that the challenger leaves the Colombian reality show with more money than Campanita, the man eliminated before him in his group, who took eight million. According to production information, the Bogota native takes home 19,530,000 million pesos.

It seems that in two cycles the members of the pink team have been able to recover, since This was the sum the dancer had before Beta took 50% of their earnings. On the other hand, Lina, who left the Challenge first than her two companions, confessed in an exclusive interview that she had a little more than 18 million.

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