Two parrots became key witnesses in a case of infidelity

Two parrots became key witnesses in a case of infidelity
Two parrots became key witnesses in a case of infidelity

An unusual case of infidelity came to light in Turkey, where a man discovered his wife’s deception thanks to the peculiar behavior of his parrots.

According to reports from Haber and RT, the man’s birds began to constantly repeat the phrase: “My husband is not at home, come,” which alerted the husband to the situation.

Faced with this revelation, the deceived husband decided to take legal action and file a lawsuit against his partner.

The case was brought to the Istanbul courts, and on March 25, the parties involved appeared before a judge at the Istanbul Palace of Justice. Although the names of those involved have not been revealed, the plaintiff could be seen accompanied by his parrots, who became unexpected witnesses of his wife’s infidelity.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Avukat Ted Buckland, captured a photograph of his client on the way to the hearing, in which the man can be seen with his two parrots, who have become key pieces in the judicial process, according to RT.

Another similar case in Kuwait

This is not the first case in which pets become witnesses of their owners’ infidelity. In a similar incident, the confession of a small parrot revealed the infidelity of a couple in Kuwait.

The wife, who suspected her husband’s infidelity, finally made the decision to separate after hearing the parrot’s repeated phrases that pointed to an affair with the cleaning lady. The woman fired the worker and ended her marriage, based on the bird’s revealing words.

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