They give 45 thousand dollars for this 50 cent coin that is difficult to find

They give 45 thousand dollars for this 50 cent coin that is difficult to find
They give 45 thousand dollars for this 50 cent coin that is difficult to find

There is a mythical currency which has aroused the interest of all collectors in the world and for which large sums of money have been offered since it has a great symbolic value with regard to the history of the United States. That is when numismatics comes into play, a practice that consists of the collection of old coins and bills or those that present some particularity with respect to the other specimens in the series.

The truth is that thanks to this approach it is possible to study the social, cultural and economic conditions under which a certain piece was minted. For this reason today we have to talk about a curious specimen such as this currency of 50 cents, which is valued at 45 thousand dollars for its unique features.

This is a half dollar that is based on a model minted in 1870 at the Mint of USA. What makes it special is an error in the minting that makes it a unique piece. Instead of having the inscription “50 Cents” as was common on coins of that era, this particular coin has the curious inscription of “Haff Dollar”. This is a mistake that makes it a highly desired piece by collectors.

On this occasion we have to talk about a coin from 1971 where the face of John F. Kennedy, a former president of that country assassinated in full office, in one of the most important historical events of the 20th century. However, the special thing about this specimen is that it is plated in copper and nickel, and its circulation only lasted until 1975 and today several banknote and coin experts try to obtain it at all costs.

Another striking detail is F. Kennedy’s hair, whose well-defined locks, mainly above the ear, reveal a line never implemented with such determination in a currency. In turn, a second detail is the “serif” typography in the word “Liberty” around it. The truth is that to get it, you will have to pay around 45 thousand dollars.

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