Carbon fiber revolutionizes energy storage

Carbon fiber revolutionizes energy storage
Carbon fiber revolutionizes energy storage

Swedish company Sinonus has developed an innovative energy storage solution that could convert giant turbine blades into batteries. This technology could also be applied to any object made of carbon fiber. Demand for energy storage devices is on the rise as the world seeks cleaner, renewable sources. So far, most solutions are based on lithium-ion batteries, but Sinonus offers a lithium-free alternative that uses carbon fiber to store energy.

Carbon fiber as an energy storage solution

Carbon fiber is a strong and light material that is used in the construction of various modern structures, it has even been taken to Mars on NASA’s Ingenuity mission. However, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have discovered that carbon fiber also has electrochemical properties that can be harnessed to store energy. Through its spin-off, Sinonus has begun to use the blades of wind turbines as energy stores, which increases the performance of the sector.

Where else can it work?

To demonstrate the technology, Sinonus has replaced the AAA batteries of low-power products with its carbon fiber charge, obtaining satisfactory results. Although the energy storage capacity is not as high as that of lithium-ion batteries, it is still beneficial since the main purpose of carbon fiber is to support loads. Furthermore, its use in electric vehicles would reduce the weight of the batteries, thus increasing autonomy by 70%. Sinonus also plans to use its technology in electric aircraft and large-scale battery systems in buildings.

A change in the battery paradigm

With this new technology, bulky and heavy battery packs could become obsolete. Carbon fiber offers a lower energy density, making it safer than lithium-ion batteries and eliminating the need for volatile components. Furthermore, its ability to be integrated into different objects and structures provides greater design freedom to manufacturers of electric vehicles and buildings with energy storage systems.

Swedish company Sinonus offers an innovative energy storage solution that could one day turn giant turbine blades into batteries.

Not only the turbine blades, but any element made of carbon fiber could become an energy storage unit thanks to Sinonus’ pioneering technology, researched at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

As the world looks for cleaner ways to meet its energy demand through wind and solar power plants, there is also a need for large energy storage devices that can store excess energy for times when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. .

Most solutions in this field are currently based on lithium-ion battery, which is the best energy storage technology on the planet.

However, Sinonus’ innovative technology can provide energy storage for nothing.

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