Patricia Pardo’s discomfort with ‘The Asunta Case’ and the reason that led her to express it

Patricia Pardo’s discomfort with ‘The Asunta Case’ and the reason that led her to express it
Patricia Pardo’s discomfort with ‘The Asunta Case’ and the reason that led her to express it

One of the series of the moment is ‘The Asunta Case’, a Netflix fiction that recounts the tragic murder of the girl Asunta Basterra at the hands of her adoptive parents, Alfonso Basterra and Rosario Porto, whose tragic end also shocked half of Spain. The series has managed to break records on the streaming platform and is currently number one, being the most watched by viewers since it premiered, arousing a lot of curiosity among all of them, since there are many who remember having lived through it. their televisions this entire media and controversial case when it occurred in 2013, more than a decade ago. One of the people who was able to experience it very closely was Patricia Pardo (40 years old) who has not hesitated to harshly criticize this series.

Patricia Pardo’s blunt criticism of ‘The Asunta case’

As Patricia herself recalled on the set of ‘Let’s see’, she She was one of the journalists who were transferred to Santiago de Compostela along with many other colleagues to cover what was one of the most horrible crimes in recent years. During this time, Pardo was able to investigate the environment of the girl and her family, experiencing everything that happened very closely. That is why the presenter has not hesitated when declaring that this series for her “It is not very faithful to reality, because I covered the case and I do not recognize the main characters“, he stated, wanting to place special emphasis on the figure of Asunta, the murdered 12-year-old Asian girl, whom he believes “justice is not done to her, because Asunta was a brilliant and unique girl“, he commented.

Patricia Pardo talks about Candela Peña

Despite not having fully connected with the series, which does not seem credible, Patricia has had no problem praising the great work of actress Candela Peña, who has stepped into the shoes of Rosario Porto in this series, the mother and murderer of the little girl who ended up committing suicide in prison: “I think she is wonderful. In the case of Candela, it amazes me, because she embodies Rosario, because more than imitating her, she has managed to capture the essencethe vulnerability, the way she walks and the soul of Rosario Porto,” says Pardo, who declares herself a fan of the excellent work of the interpreter.

Candela Peña is Rosario Porto in ‘The Asunta Case’


Criticism of the series due to the real characters

It seems that Patricia has not been the only one who has wanted to talk about how real the series is. One of the characters who experienced all this firsthand was the judge of the case, José Antonio Vázquez Taínplayed by actor Javier Gutiérrez: “A great actor and a great person, I have nothing to reproach him for. On the contrary, I think they have tried to leave me in the best place, but it has not been achieved. I’ve seen one episode and I’m not going to watch it again. We have lost the opportunity to give a little love to the girl, to the victim“said the man. The series is very focused on the figure of the mother, Rosario Porto, and many people miss having been able to obtain more information about Who really was Asunta, the real victim and about whom we barely have information. This would have been a great opportunity to pay tribute to him, but it seems that not all viewers were happy with the result. This is something that has especially affected the judge, who explained his discomfort regarding this information: “It makes me sad because it’s not fair. She was a very special and wonderful girl. It was the moment…“, he concluded.

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