The organization of ‘Survivors 2024’ makes a drastic determination against Ángel Cristo at the gates of the final

The organization of ‘Survivors 2024’ makes a drastic determination against Ángel Cristo at the gates of the final
The organization of ‘Survivors 2024’ makes a drastic determination against Ángel Cristo at the gates of the final

Angel Christ (42 years old) has been, without a doubt, one of the great protagonists of ‘Survivors 2024’. His controversial passage through Honduras, added to his disciplinary expulsion after breaking the security limits of the beach and disappearing for three hours, have led him to make countless headlines. The last one, tonight.

A night as important as the semi-final of ‘Survivors 2024’ had a huge roster of former contestants on set. The newcomers Aurah Ruiz and Miri Pérez were joined by Carmen Borrego and Kiko Jiménez, but what about Ángel Cristo? During the last galas, Barbara Rey’s son was a safe presence, which is why his absence drew attention.

Before the start of the program, Cristo came forward and did not hesitate to come forward through his Instagram profile to explain the reason why he was not going to be on set and, incidentally, charge against the organization of ‘Survivors 2024’ . “It seems like they don’t need me. They have left me as a town boyfriend, dressed and fussed”, said Ángel with irony, showing that, indeed, he was ready for a production car to pick him up at the doors of his house. Finally, the former contestant was humorous and informed his followers that he would now have to shower to remove all the hair gel he had put in his hair.

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As he himself has explained, Ángel Cristo was abruptly called off by the program team just a few hours before the gala. “As you see, I am prepared, dressed. “I was waiting for the car, I was late, and they called me to cancel it.”he reported, making public his astonishment at this last-minute decision.

Ángel Cristo took advantage of his intervention to campaign for Gorka Ibarguren, his great favorite. “And, save Gorka. It is true that I’m a little sick, but I could have been on set“I suppose there will be other people who support him there,” he concluded.

Ángel Cristo’s last insult to ‘Survivors 2024’

Although Ángel Cristo was not mentioned at any time since ‘Survivors 2024’, it would not be surprising if the producer made this determination after the last insult that the former contestant made to the program during the ‘No Man’s Land’ gala.

It is worth remembering that Ángel refused to intervene in the interview with Aurah Ruiz, despite the insistence of Carlos Sobera. The reason? Bárbara Rey’s son had already agreed to an interview on ‘On Friday’ where he would respond to all the controversies he had had with the Canarian influencer. Far from stopping there, he did not hesitate to throw a little dig at the team, something that would have ended up tiring the management of ‘Survivors’. “Santi, where do you feel more comfortable, talking at your neighbor’s house or at your own? Me, at my own house, which is here,” he said in his last appearance on ‘De Viernes’, clearly showing the position of the.

Now we just have to wait to find out if the program management lifts the “punishment” for the grand finale on Tuesday. As a general rule, in the final gala it is all the contestants who have been part of the edition who accompany the four finalists. In this case, there will be an irremediable absence, that of Arantxa del Sol, who is banned by part of the network after her attack on Ángel Cristo, but the rest of her should be there. Until now, with less than 48 hours to go until we meet the new winner, the presence of Bárbara Rey’s son is a mystery…

Gorka Ibarguren, last expelled from ‘Survivors 2024’ at the gates of the final

Despite the support of Ángel Cristo, Gorka Ibarguren became the last one expelled from the edition in a very tight duel against Rubén Torres. And as Sandra Barneda assured, only 13 votes separated them.

Although the sadness was evident on the face of the Basque, who was running as one of the great favorites to win the edition, Gorka put sadness aside and congratulated all his teammates, especially Torres, whom he considers a brother. In this way, Marieta, Pedro García Aguado, Arkano and Torres will play it out next Tuesday in the grand final of ‘Survivientes 2024’.

At that moment, Laura Madrueño informed them that she would not travel with them to Madrid, information that left them somewhat disappointed. The reason? The presenter will continue to lead ‘Survivors: All Stars’, so she will remain in the Cayos Cochinos a little longer.

“Thank you for every smile, for every tear, for every hug, for every I can’t take it anymore but I get up, for every time you wanted to throw in the towel but you didn’t, for every drop of sweat, for your desire… and for show us that you are as strong as you think. From now on, I am sure that this adventure will occupy a place in your heart just as it does in mine. It is time to return so that only one of you wins. , although you already know that for me, you are all winners”, Laura said goodbye without being able to contain her emotion.

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