Rosalía “challenges” Karol G for ‘Desphá’ and shows off an abdomen of steel

Karol G He never imagined that the premiere of his new song ‘If I had met you before‘would be involved in controversy. Shortly after the Colombian song came to light, social networks lit up and criticized the singer, as they claim that said song is a plagiarism and it looks too much like ‘Desperate‘, of Rosalia.

What does the Spanish woman think about the subject? She already responded and it seems that she “challenged” Karol G, sharing a publication in which shows off his steel abdomen.

True to his style, Rosalia He used his social networks to comment on what happened with Karol G. In the last few hours, the Spanish woman shared a message on her Instagram account that many have seen as a clear hint to the Colombian.

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Rosalia uploaded a carousel of images that are accompanied with the song ‘Desperate‘, the theme that fans claim Karol G plagiarized. In one of her photos you can even see Motomami make an obscene sign and, in another, she can be seen wearing her headphones and with a look of disappointment, as if she were upset.

But not only that, but the main photo of said publication is one of Rosalía showing off her great body and his abdomen of steelwhich for many was taken as a “challenge” to Karol Gto demonstrate “who is the best” and “which song is better.”

Also, fans were struck by the fact that Rosalia shared a carousel of images with music, because it is the first time he has done so since he generally uploads photos, but without a song to accompany them. Rosalía’s publication has generated all kinds of comments.

Desperate It’s a hymn”, “Rosi is prayed for”, “The tremendous body of the boss of the Motomamis”, “Wanting to attract attention, now it turns out that no one else can make merengue, please” and “No one has copied you , the rhythm of the merengue is like that” were some of the reactions of Rosalía and Karol G.

Spain against Colombia! The “quarrel” between Rosalia and Karol G It would be for the new song that the Colombian released, titled ‘If I had met you before‘, which fans claim has a rhythm very similar to ‘Desperate‘, song released by the Spanish star in 2022.

Mainly, the similarity that fans find between the songs’Desperate‘ and ‘If I had met you before‘ It’s the rhythm, both of which are merengue; but also, the video generated controversy because part of it is set on the beach, just like the one in the song Rosalia.

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