This is how the Party of the U moves in the face of the Government’s new health reform

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While the Government advances in agreeing with the different political forces on the new text of the health reform, Those same parties are already beginning to define positions on what their positions should be like, as is happening in the Party of The U From now on there is talk of a decision that will be made by the bench.

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In that party two weeks ago in the pension reform process, the so-called G7 (Group of 7) of the senators of La U, were the ones who in part They helped Gustavo Petro’s government save the pension reform process, which is now passing through the House of Representatives.

The senator Juan Carlos Garcesone of those who accompanied Petro’s pension, assures that in this new health reform “the party has been very clear, If they make the changes that the president of the U Party, Dilian Francisca Toro, proposed at the time, we are going to vote, if not, then no. and we have to make a decision together. I believe that from now on the healthiest thing for the party is to make decisions as a bench.”

He warns that the health reform will not be a reform that will pass within La U without being thoroughly reviewed. In this regard, he believes that the main oversight of this project will be done with the senator Norma Hurtado, who was one of the nine senators who at the beginning of last April led the collapse of the first text of the health reform.

Garcés celebrated the decision of the Historical Pact bench to withdraw the appeal that had been presented to the collapse of the project in the Seventh Commission. “We told the president that That reform that was coming was already contaminated, that this appeal went against the congressmen of the commissions themselves and that did not do Colombia any good,” highlighted the Valle del Cauca senator.

Garcés also expressed that “at this moment we do not mean that we are either with the government or against the government. We are in favor of Colombia and the reforms that come that we see are positive for the country, we are going to vote for them. “No reforms that harm the country.”

Regarding the role of the new co-directors of his party, Clara Luz Roldán and Alexander Vega, Senator Garcés believes that “the health reform has just been presented, and the party presidents are already in the process of beginning to bring together the entire leadership, the senators, the representatives and begin to make decisions.”

Two weeks ago, six EPS—Compensar, Sura, Salud Total, Coosalud, Mutual Ser and Nueva EPS—agreed with the Government the articles of a new health reform with the who would become health and life managers, in the model proposed by Gustavo Petro. Which would imply changes in the functions they have had in the last 30 years.

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