Challenge 2024 chapter 49 today June 12

Challenge 2024 chapter 49 today June 12
Challenge 2024 chapter 49 today June 12
  • How many tests will be carried out and what is the sum at stake?

    Martino assured that the Super Humans must be in excellent physical condition, because throughout this season Around 91 competitions of various styles will be held that will put your physical and mental capabilities to the limit. In addition, he added that there is an approximate budget of two billion pesos to distribute during the chapters.

  • Will ordinary Colombians participate?

    As a novelty, the production decided to give viewers the possibility of going from their living room to making the circuits; hence There will be a Challenger of the Week, who will have a positive or negative impact on the team they represent. This was the reason why two calls were made. It is known that 20 thousand registrations were received for 32 places and a surprise.

  • Who is the Host of the 20 Years Challenge?

    María Fernanda Aristizábal left the country high in Miss Universe 2022, a contest in which he stood out for his charisma. After her time as queen, all doors were opened for her to continue making the public fall in love with her talent. Currently She is a model, businesswoman and likes to maintain a lifestyle away from prejudice.

Have healthy routines. She does pilates, practices mediation, advises taking care of yourself, but not taking everything to the extreme and even less letting yourself be influenced by social networks. Viewers can see her starting April 1 as host of the Challenge 2024where he is a duo with the experienced Andrea Serna.

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