It is the highest-grossing premiere in Pixar history

2024 It was a really tough year for the Hollywood box office. With a couple of exceptions like Dune: Part Two either Godzilla and Kong: The New Empirethe public has not shown enough interest in the great productions that the industry promoted with the purpose of sweeping it, and thus disappointments have been parading such as The specialist either Furious. The recent premiere of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, however, gave reasons for optimism. Right now it takes 200 million dollars around the world, and it does so on the verge of a global premiere of Inside out 2. Film that, having just arrived in the US, couldn’t do better.

The forecasts were positive from the start. The opening of the new Pixar film was estimated at about 90 million dollarsbut according to Hollywood Reporter This brand has been completely pulverized. Inside out 2 came to the US last June 14thand it already takes 155 million dollars collected in the domestic market. Its about second best premiere for an animated film in this country, the record curiously belonging to another title from Pixar: Incredibles 2 who debuted with 182.6 million dollars in 2018. Inside out 2on the other hand, has reached 60% of the expected world market, with which the figures are growing globally and greatly surpass the sequel to The Incredibles.

It happens that outside the US The Incredibles 2 did 51.5 million (the total box office was 234.1 million), and that adding income from abroad, the total opening of Inside out 2 this weekend is 295 million dollars in just three days. This makes the film Kelsey Mann in it biggest premiere in Pixar history when it has not yet reached the billboards in Spain (we will have to wait until this Wednesday 19th of June), and at the same time that it is sweeping categorically in Latin America: here he has achieved the second largest opening of all time after what he assumed Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Inside out 2 has also managed to have the best premiere of 2024dethroning Dune: Part Two in a devastating way, although it has not managed to be the highest grossing premiere in history for an animated film on a global level. He has another licensed Disney film ahead of him, Frozen 2 (350 million dollars in 2019) and Super Mario Bros: The Movie (377 million in 2023), although in the latter case the film Illumination It had a five-day opening when it opened in the middle of the week, and not on Friday.

With such overwhelming success when it has not yet reached all the planned billboards, it is inevitable to wonder about the possibility that Inside out 2 surpass the already comfortable box office of the previous film (860 million dollars) or even exceeds the aforementioned The Incredibles 2 to become the highest-grossing film in Pixar’s history, leaving behind the 1243 million. These achievements, on the other hand, are a breath of fresh air for Pixar in particular, and for the film industry in general.

Since Pixar releases returned to theaters (after that embarrassing time when the Mouse House relegated them to Disney+), the flexo studio had dealt with the disappointment of Lightyear and the costly victory of Elementarywhich he managed to do 496 million with word of mouth and overcoming a regrettable opening. At a general level, we find that Inside out 2 It is the first film since Barbie (released almost a year ago) that exceeds 100 million dollars to its premiere, which gives us an idea of ​​how shocking and welcome this arrival is being. We’ll see how it evolves.

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