Kratos, eliminated from Challenge 2024, could not hold back his tears when talking about his team

Kratos faced a demanding test in the Black Box in which he even had health problems that prevented him from continuing, The convicted man was treated by the Desafío 2024 medical team and, although he recovered, he could not catch up with his opponents.

Right after his departure, the competitor gave an exclusive interview to in which he explained how he felt after the experience and talked about his Omega teammates: Alejo, Renzo, Luisa and Gaspar.
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Kratos reacted to his departure from Challenge 2024

The rugby player assured that He felt happy for the incredible experience of going through the Colombian reality showIn addition, he met great people and during each of the cycles he gave his all and was honest with what he showed before the cameras.

Kratos emphasized that he has great experiencesthanked God for allowing him to meet good friends and clarified that in the production he experienced moments that he never imagined he could experience and on the 20th anniversary of the Challenge, a detail that makes it even more special.

The net in the Black Box played a trick on him, at the obstacle he got scared and thought he couldn’t breathe, so he had to get out of there and then be assisted by the paramedics. While this was happening, he only had his mother in mind and the intention of fulfilling her dream.. “I closed my eyes and it was difficult for me, I said I have to gain strength, but at one point my body no longer responded to me, unfortunately it took its toll on me.””he confirmed.
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Kratos cried when talking about his Omega teammates

Regarding the support of Alejo, Renzo, Luisa and Gaspar, the challenger assured that he heard the voices of encouragement and He broke down when he said that it was a very hard situation, because he knew that his teammates wanted him to continue inside the Citadel.

Through tears he explained that he doesn’t like to disappoint anyone and he was sure that they would have come to help him. in the obstacle that could not be overcome if they had been able to, “They know that I left leaving everything and they will continue to move forward.”said.

Finally, he thanked them for the experience and hopes that Colombians enjoy the Challenge and continue to support their colleagues in Omega, as he will continue to do so.

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