In Corrientes, five automotive registries would close after a national reduction of 40%

In Corrientes, five automotive registries would close after a national reduction of 40%
In Corrientes, five automotive registries would close after a national reduction of 40%

After the first stage of an audit carried out in the National Directorate of National Registries of Automotive Ownership and Pledge Credits (Dnrpa), the national government decided to close 40% of the automotive registries throughout the country.

In the case of the Province of Corrientes, the measure would reach a total of five delegations, which would be: 05016, No. 5 of the Corrientes Capital; 05008 Corner; 05009 N°1 of Ituzaingó; 05015 of San Cosme and 05007 of Santo Tomé.

They explained that they will begin with those who have been operated on for more than 2 years, and then they will proceed with the closure of the remaining operated on.

The measure, as explained by the Ministry of Justice, was taken with the objective of reducing costs and eliminating bureaucratic procedures.

In that sense, in addition to the closure of the registries, the Government decided to cut 30% of the personnel of the Automotive Registry Directorate, within the framework of a voluntary retirement and early retirement plan.

In Corrientes, based on this measure, a meeting was held last night between local leaders in order to advance actions to follow.

Another of the changes that the Nation highlights as “important” is the elimination of the “blue card.” In this way, starting in May any person will be able to circulate within the limits of the Argentine Republic with the sole physical or digital display of the green card of the car owner.

In the case of green cards, it was specified, they will no longer have an expiration date.

In turn, the Automotive Transfer Certificate (Ceta), which obliged each citizen to report the sale of their vehicle to the Afip, will cease to exist.

They detailed that the holders of the sectional records will be responsible for 100% of their operating costs, adapting their income to the task actually performed and their productivity.

The Ministry of Justice may control, at any time, the cost structure of the Records Keepers.

All vehicle files, in all types, will be digitized to constitute a single and complete digital record, allowing the elimination of physical files.

They will propose to the provinces the accession to the agreement to lower provincial stamp and patent taxes, to reduce the cost of registration operations, which amounts to up to 70% of the total cost of a transfer.

They will implement a transparent Competition Regime to prevent the hiring of people who have held political positions during the last 10 years, their family members and those people who do not meet the requirements of suitability and experience in private activity to fulfill such a function.

It will audit the system of supervision of sectional registries by the Undersecretary of Registry Affairs, among other measures.


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