Inem Jorge Isaacs students will be able to learn programming by playing

Inem Jorge Isaacs students will be able to learn programming by playing
Inem Jorge Isaacs students will be able to learn programming by playing
  • Soon, this strategy will be implemented in other official educational institutions in the city.
  • The application is available in the Play Store or App Store.

Santiago de Cali, May 14, 2024

Students at the Inem Jorge Isaacs educational institution will have the opportunity to improve their digital and computational thinking skills thanks to a strategic alliance between the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (Mintic), the British Council and the Ministry of Education.

This innovative strategy will allow boys, girls, adolescents and young people from Inem Jorge Isaacs to learn programming in a fun and effective way through the “Green Code” learning ecosystem. This platform offers a variety of activities designed to teach programming concepts through play.

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Tatiana Aguilar Rodríguez, Secretary of Education, commented on this initiative: “This app comes to allow our students to interact with science, technology and mathematics, and in this way, show how day-to-day actions can be framed in their educational process. . This is without a doubt the commitment that this administration wants to give to our young people within the framework of the use and appropriation of ICT.”

“Code Green” offers various educational strategies that students over 10 years old, guided by their teachers, can explore. This will help them improve their abilities to analyze problems and propose solutions, strengthening their digital skills.

The implementation of this application will not only benefit students, but also teachers, who will be able to innovate in their curriculum by taking advantage of these technologies, “The most important thing is that teachers can begin to have technological and innovation tools that allow them to transform knowledge from the classroom, making use and appropriation of technologies.” Aguilar Rodríguez emphasized.

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Finally, the head of the educational portfolio stated that this tool was introduced within the framework of COP 16, with the aim of increasing environmental awareness among teachers and students, promoting care for the environment and the responsible use of natural resources. This is one of the priorities of the administration led by Mayor Alejandro Eder.

Lina García Díaz

Communications Secretary of Education

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