Colón returns on Monday, just ten days before the market closes

Colón returns on Monday, just ten days before the market closes
Colón returns on Monday, just ten days before the market closes

This Monday, June 17, in the morning, Colón will not dribble the holiday and will return to rehearsals at the June 4 sports venue, after a four-day mini-break. There the mind will be on the first match of the second round, on Sunday, June 23 from 3:10 p.m. against Defensores Unidos in the city of Zárate, with TyC Sports televising for the entire country. By the way, on Monday when Iván Raúl Delfino’s team returns to work, Sabalero will be ten days away from the closing of the Pass Book in a promotion market that offers four places to each of the clubs. Until Thursday the 27th, at eight o’clock at night at the AFA, players can register as reinforcements. As is known, Colón is the leader in his area and today he would be playing the “Finalísima” against San Martín de San Juan, for the first of the tickets to First Division.

Looking ahead to the game with CADU, the Sabalero coach already knows that he will have the loss of forward Javier Toledo, who reached five yellow cards and will not be able to start the second wheel as a visitor in the province of Buenos Aires.

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Sabalero’s current rival, Defensores Unidos, after the fall in Villa Fox against Almirante Brown for the nineteenth date of the First National Championship season 2024, finished the first round in fifteenth place in the standings, 7 points behind from Gimnasia de Mendoza, which is the last one that is classifying the Reduced for the second promotion to the Professional League and the next Argentine Cup season 2025; and also 7 units from Atlético de Rafaela (in Promotion) and 10 from Brown de Adrogué (in relegation). For CADU’s next presentation, on Sunday afternoon the 23rd (3:10 p.m.) against the leading Colón in Villa Fox (“Mario Losinno” stadium), the Celeste coaching staff has all the players at their disposal, thinking about Sabalero.

Regarding the “Negro” transfer market, the coach’s summit with president Víctor Francisco Godano is expected in the next few hours, to go fully into each of the efforts. In a first cut, the coach asks for a “9” with a goal and a defender who can compete with the Goltz-Lopes duo; in the second instance, another forward and a “5” as a spare wheel for the wear and tear that the “Dog” Sebastián Prediger may suffer over time.

Regarding the possibilities of incorporating, in addition to the four “free” places for each team (they can be national or foreign soccer players; loans or definitive transactions), in the case of Colón it could be enhanced much more, since the Uruguayan players José Pablo Neris and Andrew Teuten should return from their loans at Peñarol de Uruguay and Montevideo City Torque respectively. In that case, if the returns are finalized, they would not occupy any of the four places that the AFA allows for the promotion clubs.

The expectation of Sabaleros fans and members is tremendous, based on the great campaign of Iván Delfino’s team. In addition to being the best in his area, he is the one who scored the most points in the promotion championship. The Sabaleros have 38 units; while San Martín de San Juan has 37 and “Santo” from Tucuman 36. Of course, “Grandote” Delfino is the highest scoring team of the promotion: 27 shouts in 19 dates of this first round that closed in Madryn.

The “Pulga” wants to retire in Atlético

Luis Miguel Rodríguez returns to Monumental and puts pressure on him to return to Atlético Tucumán. El Pulga will participate in the tribute to the team that achieved promotion to Primera and became champion of the B Nacional 2008/09 this Saturday, at halftime of the match against Defensa y Justicia along with other historical players. PR7 confirmed that he wants to wear the Light Blue and White again and retire at home: “It’s my dream.”

“I’m going to be in Tucumán on Saturday. They invited me, and we just have free time here in Jujuy, so I’ll be in the province. I told them yes, they can count on me: I’ll be there,” he confirmed this Thursday on LG Play: they already confirmed his presence at the tribute to the 09 champions El Pulga and also Lucas Ischuk, Esteban Dei Rossi, César Montiglio, Diego Erroz and Sebastián Longo.

Luis Miguel Rodríguez shared his feelings about returning to 25 de Mayo and Chile: “When you go to play with another shirt there are mixed feelings. Now we are going to go dressed in civilian clothes, and enjoy the show. It is a place that one loves very much, and that Obviously this remembered achievement fills one with pride.”

El Pulga insisted on his desire to wear the Deca shirt again: “It’s my dream; as long as you keep playing and scoring goals, you’re going to keep it. Everything I do, I do it precisely thinking that it can happen, in at some point, retirement at Atlético.”

The Simoqueño is 39 years old and this semester he played 15 of the 19 First National games with the Gimnasia de Jujuy shirt: there he scored 5 goals and provided 3 assists. He has a contract until December, and his presence at the Monumental generates expectations in El Pueblo Decano.

Scandal at Deportivo Madryn

Since the arrival of Leandro Gracián, Deportivo Madryn (Colón’s last rival) has raised its level a lot in the Primera Nacional, winning seven of its last eleven games and is seventh in Zone B, in classification positions to the one reduced by promotion to the Professional League. That is why the surprise was even greater when Aurinegro announced that three players on the team, Diego Duellos and Jorge Zules Caicedo, two undisputed starters, and Matías Acuña, were separated from the professional team due to suspicions of being involved in clandestine sports betting. as reported by Clarín.

“The decision was made by common agreement between the leadership, coaching staff and players,” the institution communicated through social networks. In response to some questioning from fans, president Ricardo Sastre himself answered that “we know very well what we do, so we have plenty of details and reasons,” and that “first comes the club and a line of discipline that is not negotiated.” and more in professionalism”. The chip would have ended up jumping after the goalless draw against Defensores Unidos on May 19, where some suspicious corners generated discussions within the team.

“Those who agreed to ‘help’ their teammate had to facilitate a number of corners but in the end they could not fulfill it. The boys accept that they were sent it, but the only thing they tried was to give a hand to a teammate who was difficult,” they explained from the club to Clarín. “For us it is an ending issue. We are not going to say more than the statement we published. There was an act of indiscipline and it was agreed to terminate with the players and the coaching staff,” he added. According to reports, a ‘financier’ went to claim money that had been advanced to a footballer and a few days later it was learned that one of the three marginalized by the leadership had posed as another, whom they threatened.

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