the third in a month

the third in a month
the third in a month

A young father died in Santiago de Cuba due to alleged medical negligence at the Ambrosio Grillo hospital, leaving his 4-year-old son orphaned.

The independent journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada shared the case on his social networks, where a family member declared that the death of the young man, identified as Yasser Sánchez, 34 years old, was due to poor diagnosis and subsequent poor treatment by medical personnel.

The young man would have been treated poorly in the medical unit, contracting an infection that ended with his death this week, due to septic shock.

“Something appeared on his nose that caused cellulite. It seems that she walked on him and picked up a bacteria. They took him to the doctor because he was in a lot of pain and you know what medical care is like in Cuba, they didn’t give him the medication he was on. They were controlling him with pills and it was not what he was carrying,” a relative explained to the journalist.

“They said there were no medications and then when he got worse they said that the medication was there, and in reality what happened is that, due to the doctors’ negligence, that is why he died, because they were giving him the wrong medication.” , added the source.

Mayeta urged the Santiago authorities to enter the Ambrosio Grillo hospital and find out what is happening, since there have already been several complaints of negligence in recent weeks, which have caused the death of several patients.

“For several weeks, the Ambrosio Grillo hospital in Santiago de Cuba has reported the death of young people and relatives have reported that it is allegedly ‘medical negligence,’” the communicator noted.

“It cannot be that they hide medications, medical supplies and any medical aid utensils and let young people from Santiago die from curable pathologies,” he added.

In this case, the journalist urged the authorities to urgently enter that hospital and stop once and for all “the massacre they are committing.”

Just two weeks ago, The death of a 19-year-old young man was reported in the same hospital, due to peritonitis caused by acute appendicitis. The young man was a clear case of negligence, since he was wrongly diagnosed with dengue and returned home when he was due to undergo surgery.

Although he returned later, as his situation worsened, nothing could be done for him, all due to the inexperience and poor preparation of the doctors, more than even the lack of medicine or equipment.

The poor preparation of Cuban doctors has been exposed on several occasions, with erroneous diagnoses and treatments that lead to permanent or fatal consequences for their patientsits complete inaction in ensuring that “there is no need” for assistance, and procedures carried out in the wrong way, despite how much the regime claims to be a “medical power” worldwide.

The lack of knowledge of the regime’s “doctors” was especially exposed during the pandemic, when in other countries the forces exported by Cuba could not help as they were supposed to because they did not know the most basic medicines or procedures, to the point that they even had to be trained.

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