Teacher strike in Río Negro: “No one should get angry because they are controlled,” said Facundo López about the “tell-tale button”

The teaching conflict continues to escalate in Río Negro. During Tuesday’s session, Unter defined as “telltale button” to the implemented system so that Teachers notify Education if they were not participating in this Wednesday’s strike. Governor Alberto Weretilneck fought back in the early hours of this morning and behind, the president of legislators of Juntos Somos Río Negro, Facundo, came out. López, to question the actions of the teaching union.

«In the search to maintain the conflict to achieve some sectoral revenue, Unter continues to look for justifications to cover up its incomprehensible call for strike, in the middle of a salary negotiation, which has taken away thousands of students from our schools not only two days of classbut also the possibility of sitting down to receive their daily meal at school,” said López.

During this day, the joint meeting at the Public Service Board where ATE and UPCN rejected the government’s offer to launder the 30,000 pesos for 2023payable in two installments of 15,000.

Unter was not called to the joint meeting and this Wednesday’s strike had already been resolved due to the lack of that call.

«Now it seems that the problem is the device that allows teachers that they actually have the will to work, the possibility of expressing their presence in the classrooms to fulfill their work commitment and also with the boys and girls in the classroom,” said legislator López.

He also pointed out that «the union should not get angry because controls are implemented. There are controls in all jobs. It is possible that the union’s rejection of the attendance register is the fear of no longer being able to draw the supposed levels of compliance with their force measures that allow them to maintain the discourse. No one should be angry about being controlled. “Whoever does his job well, doesn’t worry about it.”

López assured that The virtual Assistance Education system “has been implemented for years, It simply prevents those teachers who decided to go to work because they do not share the union’s premise from being affected by the traditional errors in the preparation of lists and from suffering discounts that do not correspond.

To close, the president of the JSRN bench reaffirmed that “The Government has been clear that the days of unemployment will be discounted”and that in that framework, “it is about adjusting all the details so as not to harm anyone.”

I think that “This measure has the support of many educatorswho voluntarily join this registry.

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